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Though there is the ‘backlash’ for being a brutal dictator the actual best course is still Cornucopia Utopia and Freedom Free Time.

When you give people the ability to survive without the need for ‘Jobs’ you are restoring something that was lost that is very important, and gets lost in the modern discussions of things. A dictator who can achieve this and a more hands off approach to ruling the populace can begin getting off the bad train and future remembrance, and on the good train of “oh yeah, he was one of those bad guy assholes who saw the light and done right by his people, we live in his legacy and that is his revered statue over there”.

When things are no longer enslaved to money it will begin to lose its full effect, and still having jobs and economy around it will still have value, which allows for somewhat of a best of both worlds happy ending. They don’t need the money and you love the money.

{We worked with a lot of ‘good guy liberal paradigms’ around Here and thus are advanced at pointing out how the solutions can work vs what is the present norm}

Peace on Earth may take a bit longer than hoped and thus as well is the ‘need for government and military and security’ and the group that entrenched still has an advantage at this needed spot. But there is always a big conundrum that happens as things continually click back to status quo and roll on. There are a few final changes that need to be made so things settle into a more workable method.

Control is not the right direction to head and usually leads the dictator to further entrenching in bad methods and thus stirring up resentment and rebellion which the dictator must further commit brutal acts to quell. A vicious circle not a fully functioning system.

As Cornucopia Utopia is established the dictator can go on in control as his people move into true freedom and far less hardships and the dictator can begin to make a few changes to be a nicer iron hand with a more hands off approach unless threatened and leave the people alone. As things progress for a while into more happy climate the dictator can then, free of propaganda speeches, have more open discussion with the people, still living under the same tyrant but no longer oppressed.

{Titans are not the same thing as Gods and one of the things going on here is a ‘great desire for justice’ that can lead to a backlash as you either try to confront the dictator or slowly ease them out and into prison. The Big Path in most cases will not behave the way you wan it to it will support the dictator as a power-head over a problematic masses while it is forced to as well side with the problematic masses it does not agree with. The Big Path does not favor the rebellion path and prefers the military to smash dictators instead of uprisings}

Though people can make just about everything with factory line automated processing there are still some jobs that will need to be done, and as well people who like to do a little work. There will be a grace period of both for a while and then perhaps money for higher end that costs more to make aka rare resources and quality artwork produced in timeless utopia, and a glut of other stuff around for money, and the company gold-digger women.

Perhaps the cities will have more of the old economy and lots of people and the suburbs and rural is where food production and utopia are. The city guys works easy hours and goes to the restaurant or store to buy food while the rural guy gets buy on less without roughing it nor working. He gathers stuff and has it processed, and throws in a few hours here and there to help out but not in a scheduled quota, just now and then and here and there because it needs to get done and when it needs to get done or have , and we together to do it and disband afterwards or have work at home without quota solutions. We learn how to do a few needed things growing up because we are the people gifted in those areas and we love and want top help sustain Utopia. “from the ashes of Communism it’s original solution arises in a more doable manner”

Once people are unhooked from the economy for survival and into cornucopia utopia there is actually as benefit to keep part of the economy around, just not enough to manipulate things to adjust values instead of providing the affordable best made from scratch in an automated processing plant from self-gathered resources. “money economy has been around longer than Capitalism and we got the two confused”

‘and Socialism?’

Sustainable Suburbs, a great go-between.

Mostly Automated Production Line Machines Can Produce Baking Mixes From Scratch.

All Off Of Gathered Basic Ingredients.

“The New Gatherer Civilization”

Now, ‘baking mixes’ are just an example of machine production line cornucopia utopia, but in reality and with all the new time on your hands you may find ‘making things from scratch’ is your new favorite hobby, especially with modern understanding and methods made easy.