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Risk Taking Hype

“we are somewhat socialized into this behavior but according to Spooks Speak there are all sorts of Esta-Dimensional correlations as to why and some of it is little more than an ‘attention getting suicide run forlorn hope and ages of being trapped and railroaded or co-evolved and railroaded into fatal behavior while attempting great achievements through elite training to earn a rescue or a remembrance forever’…”

Selfies Gone Wrong

Dear DieAerie “I did a lot of foolish things so someone could read this book (I don’t want them to read until I’m departed) so people would think I was really cool, I did all of that daring showing off risk taking stuff … aren’t I so cool?!? Well it felt that way at the time, at least the times I didn’t kick myself in the ass afterwards for being so stupid and almost dying/getting hurt/getting caught, or making an ass of myself in public”

Documentation of Expiring… I mean Experiences.