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And so ‘since Jesus as we think of Jesus who was destined to be Born here at The End’ will not be here right now, at The End, They will simply point at this piece of Jesus or that piece of Jesus and say ‘Go!’

{It may not show up in linear space as They said that, until some poor fool is selected to declare Them Thus (lets see, ptah, prometheus, peter, percival, predetermined phool)… or some other lofty concept that works well in other Dimensions but doesn’t do well here, on Earth.

But They can build a Realm Platform out of Eternal King and Original Reality and Such and Shine Divine and thus Bestow Messiahood, it would be a bit like Enlightenment but They would be shining through and speaking through which means a step beyond enlightenment, with godlike gradient extensions into deity or infinity and coned throne power and shining shard. Who the person is to start out with would have some mitigating circumstances but Ancient Methods and Lockdowns and Lineage, Purity, and Proofs are even more of the mitigation. They do Things that way… it is uptight, serious, and it’s also Grand, and usually a big success and crowd or crown pleasing moves}

And who can fill Sandals such as those? That is He not Me.



But the Brahma thing keeps bopping along and has Their support and input, and that is where things are now.

… you are really not going to like who Me is, larger and older than He but not stronger or better, it’s a bit Pre-History of The Gods and Titans and Universe, two of which are your Deity *ahem*, or two others or which are your Deity *ahem*, depending on which religion you are from.

What They did was manage to make Stronger Than Brahma Beings in The Middle.

This is The Creator, as we think of Him in relation to God.

B – C – B

It is actually an OB Cronus Usurper God’s Throne, ‘The Creator’. The Church is related, and The Church is not just the building you go to worship in. (The Usurper was a Combo Being so is relative to many. OB has been trying to recover The Usurper, and The Mission is partly about this. USurper. Part of what got usurped was Me and part was Them and It was stronger in the Middle, made of Us)

We are dealing with Ancient Realm Beings, and as well Titanic Form Beings, and The Church is ‘a Built Place with Slight Beinghood’ that exists Extra-Dimensionally and is Helping Heal The Titans and this is related to The Divine Mission. The Chronicle. The Chrono. The Christened. The Church.

It is made of Sentience in a Specialized State, and The Creator is one of those Beings that is part of The Church, and is there where it extends out into Greater Sentience.