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“I never did agree with those bastards, I knew at the end of The Cold War we needed to make real friends with the USSR and act honorably and on our best behavior to drive the thing home forever and walk into the future together in a better modern world, but what got selected was greed and attempted ‘coup de grace’ of the major adversary.”

from Paint Seeders nIcerburg to St Petersburg R… take your choice, My Brother was born in the one in Florida.

“when spies leave Russia for The West it is seen as to ‘escape to freedom’, and when spies escape to Russia it is seen as double agents or paid off with high bribes and hot brides.”

Why is this?

What is it that The West has that you do not? It is this very important thing called ‘freedom’, and another one called ‘the common people’s rights’. The West is still farther ahead in this, but not too far ahead to have reached the finish line, or even the Finnish Line for that matter.

A few reparational adjustments, compliments of capitalism, and an avoidance of western paradigms of smash the tyrant justice as ‘the way forward’, and by thine own iron hand guiding things into utopia, and a few more adjustments to insure true loyalty of the people through not doing the stuff they hate leaders for…

… and with this change comes trust and loyalty and adoration, and a large statue to be remembered by in history, the leader who guided his people into commiecopia, and finally set them free from the evils of ‘jobs’. And yet they all ate well and had still had sexy panties and clean clothes and shaven faces and bush, and both traditional and western wear and rock n roll and tampons, all easily available. Automated Manufacture, Resource Grower, Recycler.

The New Thing, like The Historical Changes that We Read About And Adore, and Yearn For Some More!

Cornucopia Utopia gives that freedom, that last bit that a capitalist or socialist nation can’t reach. With this comes a Security from The People, and a Contented Interlocking Nationalism that is Founded In Truth And Transparency recognizable by scientific methods and civil inquiry (this is future perfect still, but starts in the now of making the final change, for the people are too caught up on punishment and retaliation.)

The West with it’s freedoms(not well guided enough, civilian; as well as too fought against, government/status quo row) as well has problems with drugs, guns, violence, garbage, exploitation of the many for the riches of the few and some work for the people to do, to buy more products that break easily so those who exploited the situation can, as said, make lots of money.

Room For Commie Cornucopia Competition!

“and for a time it was the English Spies who were leaving English Citizenship for Russian Utopian Freedom… then English Socialism eventually toppled into Cornucopia Utopia… “

This is literally how to ‘miraculously turn your country around and established as a loved leader and through this throw things right back in your opponent’s face, forever!’

” ‘The Realism of The Environment that We Are Now Coming Out Of’ did not allow for ‘The Perfection Expected by The People’. ”

Perfection is for Protege is also Passe. You are Protege already, and you passed the test, there is just one final step…

Cornucopia Communism. Utopian Job-Free Freedoms. Available Economy For The Old Ways, Non-Forced On The People. The Gatherer Agrarian Communal Machine Builder Archaic Space Age Utopia ”

Lets get back to an Older Tale: “In The Old Ways of The Titanic Empire it is Necessary for The Tyrant to stay Tyrant, the Ironhand. The methods of The West actually destabilize an important something overlooked. Too much liberalism does not work well, very similar to military. So the path to success is not in removing the tyrant it is in “The Grinch That Stole Christmas” or “The Beautician and The Beast”.

Kiss The Royal Bottom.

“of Rulers and Rockstars”

A Quality alongside Equality

– Peter Nicholas Reynolds


This is the kind of Reality Programming Humor that They have Me going through. *slap on the back*

“I ain’t perfect, for I don’t have any Scandinavian or Russian(don’t make me get pissed and say Ukrainian instead!) or Japanese that is directly in my bloodline, among the 8 nationalities that I know I have” {add Greek and Jewish and India and Chinese and African and Spaniard and Latino to the ‘missing bloodlines list’… in my darker moments. {*’but, mum, it’s all souped out now…’*}

American Multiracial Unique Perspectives: Irish, Scottish, English, French, German, N. American Indian; and American Lebanese(Christian, Emigrated around 1900), and Syrian.

Things Are Locked In Racial Tension. Things Are Locked Into Ethnic Clannish Behavior. Free-Thinking West ‘North Americans’ Are Not As Locked Into This. The USA.

“One of The Duties of The Multiracial People should be in Preserving Original Bloodlines, The Pillars of Our Diversity”

They do things by this stuff as well. Lineage.

A both petty and grand honest diversity

The Aftertell, Concurrently Evolved Along With The Original History But Slightly After, From Ages Ago To Now.

They also do things this way, just to warn ya:

Peter, Tzar, Saint
Nicholas, Tsar, Saint
Reynolds, Lofty Laughing Intelligent Irish

It is part of the ‘megalomania’ of the mental disability I am going presently through, it deals with Macro Rivers or Macro Mountains of Biggest Beings, and Reincarnation and where some of These were in the past, places like, ya know, Augustus Caesar with OP-PP SB-BP Imperial Deity Line. This is as well evolving with Throne Power as a Gift of The Gods to Mortal Man. Demigodhood and Beyond.

They do things as well by Name, and in fact will “Pipe In some Effect for Name”, just because of the name, and this effects the human being as they grow up, with appearance and ability, and challenges.The Shared Responsibility of The Karmic Wheel. Cleaning Up The Throne Power Mess. This as well relates to both Astrology and Archetypes.

“For even in the 11th Hour they could hear My Words and heed The Wisdom spelled out therein and pull it off, as Dictators… and we would actually be getting somewhere in the Now.”