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is not Sex and Secured, or Mommy Marriage, but is still like unto real Romance.

“There is a very necessary development that comes along with Flirtatious, Felt-Up, and Fancy Free, and it would not be termed ‘foreplay’ but something of it’s own and needs to be instated as a pinnacle of Lite Romance, and at the end your long flirtatious affair your fingers, lips, and tongue down there is as far as you got if you are lucky

Light Love Flirtations And Fulfilling Virgins Fulfilled Virgins. Felt-Up and Fancy Free. Love and Sex are both Fulfilling to Females, and sex can really be too much, and whether 30 or 13 addictive once started; psychologically inundating and a personality change from a different level of bonding or ownership between people from the powerful act of mating as well as the attendant socialized behavioral act; and as well as the dangers of pregnancy or disease.

“kissy prissy and loose goose are both foolin’ around a lot, but kissy prissy is only getting felt-up.”


{Many tried to Use The Machine and The Big Path to Position Themselves With The Girls, and it is Freakin’ Dangerous to The Girls, while Some of Us have Natural Evolutionary Regions with Goddesses and The Girls, and You Are Little More Than Invaders Here, and Through Bonding and Overload Co-Opted Regions and Changed The Nature of Some People Here, including Parts of Goddesses and many of The Girls.}