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For many many ages You haves Used The Machine, and These Methods that have come Collapsing Down at The End.

This Hit Earth from Another Dimension. It is what 2012 Apocalypse was all about… complete with a rogue planet that I can goddam guarantee exists, unlike up here in Linear Space.

So all sorts of Methods used by The Collective ‘Effect Me In A Bad Way’, and it has been Shunted Aside On Them and Me for Ages.

We Are Now In A Dangerous Arena.
This Is Unavoidable.

There are Solutions And Rules Of Engagement
It Is Being Misplayed.

“after all of ‘the attitude’ from you people the normal response is ‘shut up and deal with it!’ but this is too large a problem to confront for that kind of attitude, and things and thinks are linked in ways unknown, and many bad methods or outdated solutions are chosen over and over again, in a rote motion disaster.

You Elevated Yourselves As The Solution Or It Doesn’t Matter. You Were Given A Secrecy Cheat To Compensate. Along With Falsification, Whim, Epiphany Guilt Determination. One-Sided View, and never had the full facts of things in the Arena things evolved in and We are stuck in.

This Is A Use It Or Lose It Arena

This Is A Titanic Power Struggle Arena, Not A God’s Spirituality Arena

If You Use It You Will Be Targeted, If You Lose It It Is Others’ Fate As Well As Your Own That Will Pay The Price. That Much Stress Can Get The Collective’s Panties In A Bind, … but She never gets that taking Her skirt off is The Answer. “In Them Undies, Woman!”

“point your finger of condemnation complete with the wisdom of the group and the judgement of their elders too many times at the wrong Being and you could end up on your asses”