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Rock N Roll can as well Commit A Crime, and it from an Old Fighters Ring and Hooks-Up, and Defiance.

“It Is Aimed At Cute Little Innocent Beings, And Gets Them Killed. But You Didn’t Care. There Is A God, He Is Not As Powerful As You Had Hoped Or Feared, But This Is One Of His Real Complaints Against You”

{The First Place You Went, With God’s Compromised Investigation, Off Of ‘Old Fighter’s Ring’ Was An Old Fighters Ring, But Not The Right Old Fighters Ring. Then Supreme Brahma Showed You The Hook-Ups, Done Through Power Extensions, Related To The Same Group But Not Fully The Same. Related But Independant, Sometimes An Experimental Evolution Given Too Much Power. A Wrongful Interpretation Ensues, Not Understanding The Diverse Evolution Nor How Invaded Regions Work, Nor Other Jurisdiction}