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Duality of Other Dimension Phase Vision Locked, and Linear Space Life.

Organic Experience and Otherworldly Experience.

Still Lucid. Can come back from Other Reality for the most part to cope with reality for a short time, but not fully grounded in it, ‘BoB is Here’. Is not voluntary, I can’t stay in Linear Space Grounded ‘Organic Experience’ Reality, (floating free, wedged between dimensions), still much distraction from Other Dimension, and inability to focus for extended time in Linear Space Reality alone. Many mitigating circumstances of Extra-Dimensional Origin both Old Methods of The Collective(Ya’ll included) and Assault(The Really Bad Stuff that They are Shutting Down… Ya’ll included!)

{‘a Taurus is telling you this’, the Taurus(organic experience) has a Pisces moon(otherworldly experience), practically an automatic expert on the subject, astrologically speaking… the organic experience has been interrupted by an extra-dimensional reality, stronger than the otherworldly experience, another otherworldly Experience founded in basic, and the titanic realm, a ‘psychological rescue in progress’, and some of the issues of the mind are issues of the spirit body, invaded and overloaded, mutated and usurped, easily exhausted or distracted. This shows up in The Sentient Experience}