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Religion is not Normal, it is Elite and Otherworldly.

The World is not just ‘Maya’ or Illusion

X-Ray Visual Empathic Telesmatic Projection?

Veins of Reality

By Being ‘Distant but Present’

From school years to work years society forces people to be around each other too much. Too much of the self and the freedom is sacrificed to the developed methods of society. Society is not just forcing us to be around many other people, it is forcing us to be around people we don’t get along with, it is forcing us into a subservient state, it is not understanding that many people are not nice people, and many bosses are not nice bosses, and are trained to be that way, and our lives needlessly enslaved to them. The ‘functional society members’ should not have been left in control of the group, they do not represent the whole. They represent their kind, and we come to resent their kind.

‘so we could just make these ‘Garden of Eden’ places, with Cornucopia Utopia, and people would just walk out there like all them ages ago, and live off the land clad in fig leafs?’

A hot place like Mexico could produce hoards of food in greenhouses if it had water (desalinated purified ocean water) and perhaps heat distribution (made shade, big water dump oasis, solar/wind/water powered cooling systems)

Brahma Balance, an un-derailed by ‘Me’ and ‘ME’ and He attempt. {More Creation Stories Ensued}

‘Lovin’ Every Minute Of It!’ The Worth of Earth “And as well there is the Legality of Landowner that needs to be debunked, when you ‘try to do it to all the land, and succeed’, Not Yours To Buy And Sell. We Were Born Here, We Will Live Here!” Limiting Landowners

Architects of a New Era: “They have a very good gimmick with a very bad outcome, when you talk them into trying something Utopian that they don’t agree with, from their secret doctrines of control and orchestration, they not only bring their big business friends along for the joy ride to make a profit, they as well don’t build it intelligently enough, or ‘inventively’ enough is a better term, for it is often quite intelligently built, but this can deceive.

Instead of Steady Improvement they use it as a Means to Denounce, and this gets used in Doctrine and Circus Puditicus to ‘debunk the argument’, same angry people with the same stymie government, and basically Legally Elected but Wrongfully in Control.

Improve things from the challenges confronted and invent your way out of it, and continually be aware of things on a subconscious level, open and absorbing until epiphany hits, and develop understandings of how they work and how to possibly improve them. Don’t let modern market values dictate terms in Designing Utopia for Here and Now.

The Garden of Eden got jumped by The Big Businessmen, looking to make an honest buck, but not willing to make an honest change. I design civilizations and systems better than you, and you adapted what was before you and I adapted you as well as what was before you, in historical order, and hysterical odor“.

Gravity Cutters {This is some of the better stuff from Sacred Geometry and ‘Other Dimensions’ that may not work in Linear Space, but is a fascinating study.

The Building Blocks that People Are Made Of: OB, SB, OP, PP, BP, P, O, Gs, H, S, Sk, AB, Deo, Big Mike, Giant Kid, Gray Yang, White Ptah, Usurper, Unsurper, Great Goddess, Etc

“some sugary whip cream for down their and some lingerie to spice things up, it’ll make everything nice” back by popular demand, ‘what big girls are made of’

“… fiercely held back but demanding attention and initiating exchange, and a need for self-containment, emotional self-containment, sexual self-containment, owned, and the exertion release of long overcoming and reaching fruition and fulfillment.”

“It’s Mine!”

You are actually ‘The Bad Advertising’, for you are the Moralist Complainers. You control or influence huge swaths of society, with the power to make or break careers.

“and Purple Rain with it’s all important crescendo ending, that the radio always cuts off”

‘Taking Control of The Situation Seductively and/or Sexually Demanding’ beats ‘Eew, Gross’ as a Productive Method for Female Power (eew gross might get the males to come running to beat someone up, but it does not control the males enough to be a more equal power… it is also overdone, partly an act, I mean like duh)

By Using Dispassionate Objectivity, Doctrines, Categorization Classification, Us And Them Mentality, Elite Exclusivity…

It Is Important For Male Nature To Change So We Can Have A Bunch Of Beautiful Flirtatious Young Ladies Budding Before Our Eyes Scantily Clad.

Dream Academy Class Roster

Robotic Farmers and Automated Drip System Irrigation from Gravity Fed Rain Collection Water Power Towers

‘Eden’. Utopia is that other thing that you were waiting for, that you didn’t fully get you were waiting for, Heaven on Earth being the former.

The Hydra. Energy-Water Smartgrid System that stabilizes Ecosystem and helps Air, fights global warming. The Silver Bullet.

Singularity in Continuum. Dot in Infinity. Singularity and Self. Tetrahedronic Dimesnisonal Mechanics. Sphere, Cube. Geometry

Psalm of Heimdallr (song of the home dollar)

Adult Relationships… a bit over-sold, more than a bit over-told, and no reason to give up flirtations or ‘superficial relationships’ with young Lolita

Flirtatious, Felt-Up, and Fancy Free

Dangerous Daring, Stupidly Showing Off

Spooks are not considerate of reputation or credibility, They take all sorts of liberties, but as well have many tricks.

Deity are Really Big Beings and Really Old Beings and Really Evolved Beings and Specially Evolved Beings