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‘Well, it’s that time of the month again for techies and parental grumpiness and the bitchy low blow glow burls forever, soooo… this is kind of The End of TetRaHydronics, it would seem, it is unfortunately not The End of Armageddon Lite, that is just what the superstition in your head is telling you.

“it alleviates the symptoms, and marginally helps cure the problem (temporarily at the very least and that can be like oxygen for the oxygen-deprived, but it gets drummed out by the tough it out survival group; but as well is used to rile and railroad the populace down wrongful courses in a mass puritanical purge), and you, humans, are the epitome of remedial class, but we must stay relevant with the group, which isn’t easy for revenents toughing it out; or those forced to deal with the stronger revenents, who are not.” -Tetrahedronic’

Part II

The Brahma Heirloom ‘Early Bloomers’

Chef hat. Vector black silhouette.

“They say in The End accuracy is not the full measure of things, and Reality is also Driven off of The Poetic, and this is Elevated Reality, the Overstatement… but the point of this all was that it doesn’t matter if ‘in heaven love comes first’, for ‘You are The Religion/Philosophy’ for You are The Faithful and are Driving The Religion, and Things Must Be Driven In A Positive Direction’

“for The Record: ‘The Reality Record Ran Out’. They ain’t putting a new one on… as well as multiple reasons and reasons of Them unknown by Me; working on A don’t need to know basis.

“Unique ways of curing the problems in the predatory era were undertaken by A Authority, The Titanic Two, and The Third Titan… ‘properly contained out of control beings and forces’ in an era of war and wanton and vows and vengeance, elite and pretty people who don’t know it all but act like they do, with control.”

The Scriptures are like unto magical children’s books, and tetrahedronics is in part like an un-magical technical manual and ticker-tape of effect the same arena… They have all the Special Effects, but Brahma was the Original Being, and They don’t have this down anymore, but They do have more Elite Stuff better than Brahma, like grade A to B, and write good new reality for things, like ABC and BAC, and evolved good things like Average has A to elevate it, or alleviate it.

“We are in The Mundane Miracle and Equality and ‘Shards of A compared to a B Me’ done as an equalizer though not everything equalizes (and I have Shards of A as well though not all the pistons are firing… by (Mal)Intent it really isn’t ‘equality’ anymore, no really!), but there are still Shards of A Pillar Powers, and They are being Piped through me{Me} with a bit of Ye Old Me Sigh Ah Duty but things are In Shutdown from High Magics as Defensive Posture, Titanic Authority, and some of the beings in C are more important than Shards of A or Big B, and these are The Cutes, contained in The Cherubs, the ‘O’s and ‘o’s, which are Little Motes and Void Beings and Related to God and Inside Clear Goddess Womb, who is part Original Goddess Vacuum that evolved like a Void, ‘The Clear Goddess’.

It’s all toned down mind you and you were waiting for Moses, you got something closer to Aaron with a Prophecy Pending Future and a Mad Prophet; you were waiting for Avalokiteshvara, you got something closer to Milapera (Milarepa/MilaReaper) “It’s My Turn, no apologies, This Time’s Left for Me, because It’s… My Turn”; ‘and

Jesus?’ well, you got something closer to Augustus Caesar that time, but those other Beings do hang out around Here as well to ‘lend light and whisper wisdom’, so best watch your tongue on all that backbiting…

but this ‘lesser stuff’ is part of the direction things are also heading, not just elite divine but a freer more magical normal and equality, ‘Back Home’, (with Equality not being what They said it was with too many highs and lows and diverse evolutions and differing sizes and scales to start out with, as well as theft and destruction of elite and large beings and things by jealous lessers with a strength power edge in a usurper predatory era, railroaded), but Right Of The Person will do the same job as Elusive Equality”.

Tetrahedronics is or was among the most straight up magic works(or what is left of them) with metaphysics, unlike the the more magical scriptures (scriptures embody magic), and it is a Ptah and Shiva and Brahma heritage thing, dating back to The Dawn of Time, literally. At some region it is still Ptah that is the 2nd Biggest being, with only part of BP that is still Brahma that is bigger. Home of Shiva, and I am often Baby Ptah and Ganesha in these Stories and Regions, and it needs to stay that way, in spite of being Brahma and BP and part of Ptah, as well as part Titanic Two and The Three Titans. OP, OB, and SB”

The latest is about OP, and how the Daydream went on far longer and far bigger than first stated, and OP is part of Ptah and Brahma that had Merged in The Earliest Days, and Ptah in the earliest days was merely Brahma down inside of Self and Mind, but this is not the Ptah of Egypt, that is descended from this, made of it, part of Ptah still there. OP is The Ancient Emperor Infinity. Black Dragon

They ‘Rewrote Reality’, and part of Brahma that had been overtaken by Ptah Daydream or had slipped into it as Nature Changed in the Era of OP is OB, ‘Who Alinged With Part Of Brahma That Resisted Change. The Titanic Two Are Born, OB and OP, and OP is also already Brahma, Brahma-Ptah, Proto-Ptah, Ptah, and is the first Everything Being. While OB is ‘Original Being’, part of Original Brahma that Evolved with God and Goddess and has been at war with The Change that OP represents. The Titanic Two, OB and OP.

Another Being comes about made of Everything, Supreme Brahma, The All Combo Being. ‘New Brahma’, The High King Infinity. OP+SB is Root of Messiah, also made of 1st Creation BP, PP, P and a bit of 4-Headed Brahma.

When Shiva is actually Born is still unclear, there are a few Rewritten Realities from Titanic Form Collision Era, and these Overpower Original Reality and are Piped In For That Effect. “We Are Absolutely Certain at the time that they are the original, but it is a mind trick that comes along at the same time, with ages of clever evolution using our own investigative ability and deductive reasoning and adamant surety stemming from self not accuracy of truth.“They Like To Do A Lot Of New Reality Programming Around Here”

“and cheddar cheese with/without a little sliced onion on a toasted whole wheat bagel with safflower mayo and just a touch of mustard, let the cheddar cheese soften from the heat of the bagel for a little… just thought you should know, giving out truths and wisdom and all.”

TetRaHyDronics? I copied it off the back of a Smiths album… or was that a cereal box?

“The Natural Cycle as seen on Earth is not all that natural or normal, and descends from a ‘Collapse of Original Reality in Titanic Era’. The Food Chain. This descends from The Predatory Era, which was not confined to Earth and life on earth, but as well exists in other Dimensions. We did not start out warring or eating each-other. One of the Truths is that Predatory and War did not use to exist, and The Mission is a push to get us back to that Era.

Your ‘eternal soul’ is not eternal until things are safe, it is subject to destruction. The rest was an advanced lie and attempt to make things impervious and eternal, neither of which are guaranteed, and through these efforts to do this They subjected The Original Being to ‘No Longer Being Sure of Eternity or Free of Death’, through Stronger Than Original, and Invading and Overloading, Usurping and Expanding, and Mutation Usurpation. And this is definitely My f**king Story!!! Original Victim of Original Sin, and that ain’t just poetry! Goddess is another Original Victim of Original Sin, and so is of course God.”

Mundane Miracle? It is Provided by Them for Us but also allows Me with intermittent Contact with Deity and Marginal Temporary Contemporary Status to Verify Things of Creation Level, or Biblical Level, or Scriptural Level, without needing to go through The Religious or Spiritual, thus avoiding a need for being ‘The Avatar’ or a Religious Leadership Trap(Sustain The Moment; Circus Punditicus) and False Prophet First Trap(Worship The Usurper “My Children”) at the same time avoiding Their Special Perfect Future, ‘The Prophecy’.

Well, I’ll still be friends. CommieCopiea rUtopia

Keeping your Tyrant Control and Suspiciously High Wealth in the face of an Evolving World