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Panel of Judges: ‘Propaganda’, ‘Political Correct’, ‘Career To Protect’

“what a horrifically de-powering experience this is turning out to be”

Duality of Other Dimension Phase Vision Locked, and Linear Space Life.

Organic Experience and Otherworldly Experience.

Still Lucid. Can come back from Other Reality for the most part to cope with reality for a short time, but not fully grounded in it, ‘BoB is Here’. Is not voluntary, I can’t stay in Linear Space Grounded ‘Organic Experience’ Reality, (floating free, wedged between dimensions), still much distraction from Other Dimension, and inability to focus for extended time in Linear Space Reality alone. Many mitigating circumstances of Extra-Dimensional Origin both Old Methods of The Collective(Ya’ll included) and Assault(The Really Bad Stuff that They are Shutting Down… Ya’ll included!)

{In The Esoteric Understanding:’a Taurus is telling you this’ for those of you who believe or understand such stuff, the Taurus(organic experience) has a Pisces moon(otherworldly experience), practically an automatic expert on the subject in some fundamental way astrologically speaking, which leads to a good ability to convey… the organic experience has been interrupted by an extra-dimensional reality, stronger than the otherworldly experience, and is another otherworldly Experience founded in basic, that was also there all along, and is the titanic realm, a ‘psychological rescue in progress as well as a ‘john wayne in progress’ {a missing link not Me but Here all along, Macro Man Reality Stabilizer and The Machine}, and some of the issues of the mind are issues of the spirit body, invaded and overloaded, mutated and usurped, easily exhausted or distracted. This shows up in The Sentient Experience}

“stuff is done off of random events, and correlated to things like unto, and sights and sounds can trigger this, and it is a real experience in another dimension and it has real beings in it, and it will seem like it is all in your mind but that is where you are experiencing it”

“Bold Statements and Bold Promises are also Helping Drive Reality, but this can be a trap as well”

And I wouldn’t give up forever to teach you, and in no way does this pseudo-ending signal defeat, nor ever was this a hoax, nor were ‘the realists right all along’ instead of being a big well-educated dumb stymie of Utopia aka Eden in the name of ‘jobs and landowners and elitist paradigms’… these things simply aren’t the case as to ‘why’, for even I do not know ‘Why’ and I’m the (alleged) writer {I’m the Typer of Tedrahedronics, not actually The Writer, but there is Direct Kinship there on an old and large level and I am ‘An Ocean Things Are Being Done In, An Ocean With Icebergs And I Am No Longer The Iceberg, They Are Individuals’ (which is closer to a Sentient Nebula with Sentient Proto-Stars in it, stronger than it, Attached But Separate.) and They are trying to shut something down but it is also like ‘the record player ran out, and They don’t want to play another one, while a few other record players are still running, some are pushing things, and this is also about ‘reality templates and reality driving’

T1 Helios SB, ‘Trapped At The Bottom’, and prone to suicide runs. The Golden Intrinsic Hero King.

“termed one of the great blunders of the age, but They plodded forth”

“well, there was this guy, he was born back in the late 1960’s or something , but he was later believed to be a Sentinel for 2012, a real one… they pretty much ignored him at the time, and he lived his life out in an animated to exhausted state of disability, said it was partly Them/Us.””