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Levels of Metaphysics not humanly possible

– Tetrahedronics

Mind ME Magic and Muscle ME Mundane: Unlike a human mind the earliest stuff is ‘mind stuff with a bit of substance’. Brahma in the Ptah state. Brahma could not create like Ptah, for in Ptah it was not as solid a reality. Part of The Dawn of Evolution was to ‘Set Out To Make Magic Real’ {Shiva comes here/Here to me{Me} at The End, for Shiva has ‘carried out that duty since the dawn of time’, with Time being ‘The Advent of New Beings’}

Original Reality
– Weak New Reality. Ptah “Mind Me Magic”
— New Stronger Than Original Reality. Titanic “Muscle ME Mundane”

There are Overlapping Regions where a more ‘Oneness’ exists, and there are Separate Regions where a more ‘Individuality’ exists, and these can be attached as well in one long evolution in both space and time.

One-ness and IndiviDuality as a teaching code joke.

Here are some Templates:

This is The Beginning, or 1st Creation, it is Brahma going into Ptah state.

Original Brahma
Original Brahma

This is Form Creation Era, 2nd or 3rd Era. OB is Alpha, God’s Father.

OP Ptah
OB -> The Alpha
OP Ptah

AB may have come first, a Being like OB but smaller. OB is the Bigger Being so this takes up the slot in History. OB AB is a Region.

Ma is the Vacuum around AB. Absolute Brahman and Ma.

At some point a group Combo and Form Evolution occurs, and it is with Brahma. Form Brahma comes from this (4-Headed Brahma is made in part out of Form Brahma, with The Titanic Three SB, OP, OB). Goddess is Born from this as a Vacuum next to Form. Another Form Creation is done out of Form Brahma, probably by SB (Supreme Brahma, a Brahma Combo Being). What this creates is Final Form and Om Void. Om Void evolves into Condensing like Form and The Sphere is first created. Om Void later merges with Goddess Vacuum and Original God is Born. Original God Evolves with OB Alpha and God is Born.

-Levels of Metaphysics/Mystic not humanly possible. Things are in a Lockdown, or state of Shutdown and 2012 was an Aimed For Date and that is why ‘not humanly possible’, as well as humans got given usurper tricks to equal things out, so you become a crime to due things at this level, and Original Sentience is very much Human, not some big mystery ocean…

Tetrahedronics is actually done by Them as me{Me} not by Me{Brahma, Ptah aka Original Being and/as Original Creation, which both predates and has been under assault by The Titanic Era}…

Dream Academy Class Roster

… and The Normal People are part of Divine Family and Ancient Lines of Extra-Dimensional evolution, partly or sometimes piped in to earth, experienced through epiphany and creativity and, well, gettin’ high.

2012 was an Aimed For Date and We Are Orchestrated on some levels, and this as well relates to Divine Planning and Prophecy. There are Shard of Divinity, but as well are Pieces of The Pillar that The Shards have come from, and these are like Bigger Shards, though many are Mundane as well, unlike Avatar.

The Chronicles in The Family of Brahma are The Oldest of All, which means “We had the dusty books necessary to unlock The Riddle of The History of The Real Beginning to The Modern World, it is a Truth and History Oft Rewritten and Invaded and Usurped until it is no longer real”

“Metaphysics aka ‘all that Atlantis and Lemuria stuff’ is cool, but not only is it potentially dangerous it still is only just an equal to root beer floats and hot girls in skimpy attire once the rest of the truth aligns and understandings unfold… well, it may be a wee bit more powerful and addictive than that, but I’ll sell Their propaganda, it is a pleasant truth and metaphysics is still dangerous and disabled until things are tidied up (and some of it deals with smaller places that have been amplified in our consciousness to being bigger than they are, though they do exist somewhere. But it is The State of Being that We Are In that sends a Sentient Signal, and this is Divine Light and Stable Realities and Older Realities”

Spirituality has more Direct Benefits than Metaphysics.

Buddha and Shiva and God are superior to Brahma and Ptah in this very important thing.

Spirituality is being used to Overcome part of ‘Corrupted Normality’, but it is a dangerous endeavor due to the actual nature of things with The Spiritual not being as strong as The Titanic

“Tetrahedronciics has a Reality Writing Game Changer going on related to Deity, and this is a “stay away!” thing, not come knocking with your prayers and problems…and Mortal Man Authority can get itself Sentenced to hell for playing big league during Armageddon with government! (They made Me bend over backwards for millions of years while you slowly evolved). Stay Away with your authority {Not Knowing Things They Should Have Known For The Level Of Decisions They Are/Were Making. And Knowing Things They Should Not Have Known (Extra-Dimensionally), and Exploiting The Situation, and this deal with Your Extra-Dimensional Selves but it is NOT different in The End due to The Truth of Macro Man and Coned Throne Power and The Ancient Titanic Realm Authority}”

… and friends and family will get treated the same as anyone else by The Big Path, no favoritism and complete professionalism, wish it weren’t so, hard luck people for it didn’t have the full facts of The Brahma Bummer Tale nor the Random Event Ending{personal friends of beleaguered Brahma though they knew it not, for Billion $ Brahma was not a hoax and this was to be Our Big Divine Imperial Wagon (or was that Dragon..? both, I think), it got upstaged by smaller beings with greater needs in more urgent situations}, and it was a Big Mistake by The Big Path, for it also got Usurped by The Powers That Be, but We Will Play It Professionally, not that We have a choice in the matter.

Archetypal: “What does Saturday have that Sunday does not?”

“The Great OP Mess”


Mind ME Magic and Muscle ME Mundane: Unlike a human mind the earliest stuff is ‘mind stuff with a bit of substance’. Brahma in the Ptah state. Brahma could not create like Ptah, for in Ptah it was not as solid a reality. Part of The Dawn of Evolution was to ‘Set Out To Make Magic Real’ {Shiva comes here/Here to me{Me} at The End, for Shiva has ‘carried out that duty since the dawn of time’, with Time being ‘The Advent of New Beings’}

Original Reality
– Weak New Reality. Ptah “Mind Me Magic”
— New Stronger Than Original Reality. Titanic “Muscle ME Mundane”

There are Overlapping Regions where a more ‘Oneness’ exists, and there are Separate Regions where a more ‘Individuality’ exists, and these can be attached as well in one long evolution in both space and time.

One-ness and IndiviDuality as a teaching code joke.

There is also:

Vacuum weak used up -> female, woman
Form strong condensed -> male, man

But this comes later, and deals with Form Creation.

Yang and Yin are to be seen different than Man and Woman. These are similar but different in an ‘intentionally diverse evolution’ {Hint: Yang is OP PP, and Man is OB AB}

Original Being
Magical Evolution
Form Evolution

The Big Basics


Mind ME Magic: (Oceanic)

Original Nature Reality {Original Being}

New Nature Reality (Inner Change of Original Being)

Spiritual Reality
– Divine Dimensions Language

-Stronger Than Original Reality


Muscle ME Mundane: [Groundic]

Original Nature Reality {Original Being}

New Nature Reality [Inner Change of Original Being]

Metaphysical Reality
– ‘The Machine’ Magical Dimensions Language

-Stronger Than Original Reality

Mundane and Groundic and Stronger than Original are correlated

Magical and Oceanic and Weaker than Original are correlated

By nature of Form Creation Condensing and Vacuum Area Used Up there is an ‘Oceanic bigger than Form, and Form stronger than Oceanic, with Original being Biggest, and stronger than Oceanic but weaker than Form’.


They evolved Pillar Power with Form to Enhance Vacuum and Void and Magical. Stronger than Original loses it’s Magic along the way very rapidly, and Alpha was an attempt to ‘contain the magic’ without fully losing it

‘Eden’. Utopia is that other thing that you were waiting for, that you didn’t fully get you were waiting for, Heaven on Earth being the former.


“The Usurper is not the Ultimate Enemy. The Usurper was a Massive Combo Being of All, and what The Titans did to ‘get back what They had put into The Combo Being is what became The Problem, and where Evil was Spawned From, including what The Usurper was doing in retaliation. Overpowered Amoral Angry Tangled Mess, Hungry For Resource To Grow On”

There is another important Story about 3 Combo Beings that predate The Usurper, and this is Cronus, Gray Yang, and White Ptah. There is a Strong Central Pillar that They are related to, or made of. This is where The 5 Ancient Titans Stories really comes from, but it is The Usurper and Another that are the Others. Being made of earlier Beings these Combo Being could use Strong Central Pillar to ‘Turn On The Effect’ and Use Up Original Beings. This was a grave danger, and still is.

‘Because The Stories that Peter is Writing are not Fantasy but Actual Historical Events being Shared, some are Original Reality and some are Recreated Reality, oft times a little too recreated and recreated a few too many multiples of times’
– Shiva

“well, you take that stronger than original reality and grab ahold of that original reality and give it a good squeeze, then you hook that weaker reality up to that original reality and merge it, and give it a good pull, and therefore are stretching the realities together (Realms are Realities as well, made of different Beings or Things and some have different effects, sometimes and aimed for effect, and this is an ‘induction of effect into your normality, and is therefore Reality Related. An example of this is Spirituality)” On Making New Realities And Magical Realities- The Gray God, Titanic Authority

Invade and Overload that with something even stronger and I goddam guarantee you will have a New Reality, in fact We are already living in the tangled mess and divine high of such endeavors.

… and hence Overload Overlords are Real.

{Original Reality is still bigger than the stronger Titanic Reality, but The Titanic made a Weakening and this spread into Original Reality further, and They Entrenched, Used It Up Getting Stronger, Further Weakening Original Reality, and then They Entrenched Again, etc… and hence Armageddon is Real as well.

The Original Being, and parts of The Titanic Authority with The Original Being are Warring That to shut it down… all along there is another Crime, and that deals with The Normals made of Combinations of Us and Others in smaller and changed states and attached to Throne Power and Attachment Gradients and Power Transference, some are caught in the middle, some are participants on either side; some are innocent and some are guilty}

Which all leads to here and now and the ongoing problems of humanity and the earth, and it is directly related to that ancient history being conveyed that never got cleaned up or untangled or undone.

“There is a self-lie, or boast(too much out-loud will lead to downfall), that we cling too that isn’t debilitating but instead is lending buoyancy and lending a bit of ‘reality game changer for the psyche’, and just because we cannot achieve this in reality does not make it unimportant.

And though achieving stuff in life and rising to the challenge and overcoming or manhandling it as well as the dividends of success, are an honest ride of self-earned self-respect, these are not the only thing going on here and the whole discussion has been enslaved to it, for in Reality not all things are equal nor can everyone function at the same level…

And therefor a lower standard needs to be adopted, and the competitive job market must get slightly upstaged by the self-sustaining cornucopia utopia free time free range non-landowner non-rent payer”

It’s May 3rd, My Birthday… Future Tweenceanera Day.

“or ‘The Day of Remembrance for When I Saved You From Your Morality with Lolita, but Restored Your Faith In Spirituality with Metaphysics’ and shoved Modern Marvel Cornucopia Utopia down your throats like a bitter drought of much needed medicine

{and The Practicality of Myth being ‘Solidified Poetic’ Extra-Dimensional/Parallel Universe/Proto-Universal/Exo-Universal, not only a different universal build allowing for different effects but as well a great standing on titanic tippy toes and lying in our minds for enhancement of elevation of effects and status with fed effects and engineered into Creation status, and we, humans and life of earth/the universe just so happen to be made of ancient things including Them, The Mythical Beings called The Gods and The Titans…

… of Whom could indeed take a few concepts of earth species and mash them into a Chimera or such, in Other Dimensions/Proto-Universe, and these beings would accidentally be huge in comparison to a human, some even larger than the earth, easily, by the nature of where they where created, the size of the place vs here, but things got real bad so it is in a state of Shutdown and Evolving Beyond, but went to far in attempts to ‘clean up the mess’. Don’t Mess With Our Chimera! and Demons!! as well as Dragons!!! for they are endangered Species from Puritanical Change Regimes.

And don’t mess with the modern dinosaurs of earth, the giant snakes, alligators, whales, sharks, elephants, old growth forests, lions and tigers and bears, oh yeah!, for they are all we have left of a glorious older era that Christianity and Spirituality went a little too far against in puritanical zeal as well as the uncaring unguided human civilizations that are doing them in; though there are real problems that must be overcome.

There are real Rules about not playing god over the life on earth, and though it could not be properly policied and policed it will be in The End. We don’t get to interfere too much in the normal evolution, but we do get to enforce rules on human behavior, with humans being far too advanced relative to the rest of the world (and you are gonna get ‘vegetarianism or old age carcass meat’ thrown at you because of it). We are allowed to save the non-predators from the predators, but not allowed to wipe out the predators completely.

“Me and Machiavelli makin’ friends.”

‘and Utopia?’

well, and the sign on the plaque beneath the aged statue read: “We built this Modern Marvel Cornucopia Utopia not only for ourselves in our life-time and for future generations, but as well for ourselves in future life-times in future generations”

Time to Trade in The Renegade Guns for Cornucopia Utopia, so you can actually get what you originally wanted, free-range free-time freedom, instead of going down with a gun in your hand; kinda second-hand hand-me-downs these days, that kind of heroics and stuff.

“Abstinence is not the ultimate solution for alcohol and drug problems; the solution is not in strict punitive, not in the overachiever zeal of abstinence, but instead The Solution is in making things low potency and trying to make them less addictive or addiction free. If alcohol and drugs were not addictive people would still want to do them, and probably on a regular basis, in periodic intervals (without addiction there may be a deep need to ‘clean out’ for a while and ‘ground’, a cool ‘new experience’ of it’s own, like wow, man!).

There is a very important fact here, and that is ‘most people overuse alcohol and drugs and are not very fun to be around for very long’, as they degenerate into drunk or gone. The low potency approach allows you to overuse in consumption but not in effect. Instead of getting drunk on 3 drinks it takes 10. 1 drink just barely touches you, and over the long haul you have more fun and are functional longer, and hopefully develop stop-gates alerting you to drinking too much, by allowing more time to be aware of it and curtail it and evolve this early.

And the stuff has to taste as strong as the strong stuff, and is far cheaper so one can drink more (in non-Utopian $ocieties that adhere to ‘jobs creation’ and ‘currency’ and ‘rent and landowners’ and ‘original sin and punishing yourselves’ and ‘sugar-coated self-slavery’… please don’t go on punishing the rest of us by enforcing it on us as a civilization, it isn’t intelligent enough for us, nor needed).”

Keeping your Tyrant Control and Suspiciously High Wealth in the face of an Evolving World

A hot place like Mexico could produce hoards of food in greenhouses if it had water (desalinated purified ocean water) and perhaps heat distribution (made shade, big water dump oasis, solar/wind/water powered cooling systems)

“oh, and, ‘You’re Welcome’.”

These are some of those old ‘Sacred Geometry Theories’, and The Ancients were doing their ‘hypotheses’ all the way to the Modern World along with The Gods. It is part of Who We Are and How We Think, and some of this S.G. stuff actually works in Proto Universe or Other Planes of Existence.

Sometimes what The Gods Created and What The Gods Conceptualize is not the same thing {What They Conceptualize is what They want Us and Themselves to Think that They created}

‘a Work still in progress… what the Ancients thought they knew, and sold it to you, off a few clues, and your views, with minds like Egyptian Jews’

The Deity and The Titans can Write Language Codes from The Aftertell by Aligning Things

Atomic Elements as Basic Math is not likely to hold the clue (but some Atomic Properties may so do), but this is still Memnomic Awakening of 2012, and enhances the experience and can help some people in reconnecting with other Realms, aligning your mind with Deity Mind, or Divine Mind Align. “Lets not fly under false flags and placebo effects, for too long”. There is a Faith Methods that does not need the scientific truth, and it is with The Deity in another truth, in Theos/Their True Prescience/Presence, scientifically speaking…”

Though one could make up a philosophy or history like TetRaHyDronics with ‘normality’ and ‘deity’ this was not such a case. It has been an extra-dimensional conversation, fed information, and ancient assault, writ down here, but as well there is a factor of Here, something called Brahma Balance that All Things Are Played Up Against (with The Three Titans playing Brahma as Brahma stronger than Brahma), and it Predates All Things(as well as externally is larger than all things, but not so down in Creation), and All Things evolved within it, or within Others within It. It is also The Big Brahma Databases related to The Akashic Records and The Big Path, and Deity and Titans are The Lorekeepers . Ticker-Tape Fountainhead.

Due to an unknown nature of reality it is also done through my memories and getting me to think I did it first, fed with an epiphany. This deals with ancient methods to steal others abilities and ideas “that were originally developed to steal from Me and through an invasion-usurpation fed right back into Me turning me into the same as the accused, and it is as well fought off and macro help coming from Them is overcoming these things”, but along the way is still the process and ‘caught red-handed stealing other people’s ideas, publicly even’ {Due to the nature of what happened in reality many other people may be going through similar experiences, some will be more ‘willing participants’ due to varying factors of origins and proximity to titanic overpower overload effects and predatory ancestry, spiritually speaking}

As well it is used for ‘the credibility report’ used to ‘debunk the victim’ but not using full disclosure and/or conspiracy by authority and collective (the mother of all mass conspiracies, originally aimed at the original eternal former-infinite sentient Being, it’s not megalomania that this was Me, and it is by both logic and mass conspiracy that you think I am lying, but accidentally you are wrong in this case), along with a preemptive strike that aimed at first capacity for here at The End, but it is Titanic Authority and Deity that are Stopping this, and part is bringing people and Beings to justice and Justice. This as well got wrongful aimed at Me, and it is going to be a bit of a jolt, so “sorry for the inconvenience, but don’t expect Me to apologize!

and this is part of The Mission of Divinity. Divinity is Grade A(fter), and Me is B(efore), and We are C(urrent)”.

B A C A B. By science standards that would be B: Original Infinity, and A as Titanic Infinity, and C as Central Creation. C is also God, and as well relates to part of Brahma and Ptah that are not strong, were wronged, things got prolonged, and now is part of a three-pronged strategy, with western drums and eastern gongs… and pretty teen girls in thongs.