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too much corporation control over our lives
too much government control over our lives

too much wrongful doctrine being pushed and the legal retort stymied

too much as well of needing to feed too many business.

too much enslaving us to systems that require money to participate or upkeep.

Computer Viruses are indeed big businesses!
This needs to get shut down!

“silently if you need to, but do it *snaps fingers!*”

too many updates needed

“give me the funding and I can defeat Bill Gates at just about everything he does with a few tricks, real good ones”

– Peter Nicholas Clothed Emperor

“I could even rescue Microsoft, the man and the reputation… that is how good I am.”

‘you desing systems that f**k with people beause you are ckever and can get away with it

you so owe me bro


“i never need to be as rich as bill gates, i just needed a f**king computer system and internet that works properly, and doesn’t suck blood”


{Self Sustaining Systems and Utopia allow a rich man too keep his money guilt-free and happily and not dump money into qucksands of humanitarianism or laziness or rebellion quelling *ahem*;

and lower tax rates by using self-sustaiging systems and agriculture and free-living spaces and community machines instead of wellfare…

our lifeline should not be enslaved to an economy or your graciousness, it isn’t logical or sustainable and landowner got in the way 100%.

We are not even intetsted in ‘getting back on our feet’ to work a normal job for 40 years, 8 hours a day, the way it is being wrongfully pushed by the elite and control groups.

Robotics/Automation can do most of it better, so don’t bank on work being the solution.

You Gonna Get Struck Down By Logic And Legal And Masses!}