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Tree is life form that flows into Life Being

Fungus is life form that flows into Life Being

Little Bugs are lifeforms that flow into Life Being.

Life Being is not visible from earth, it is where we incarnate from, a Great Oceanic Being that we are within.

As we humans study things and want to right the wrongs of nature we too are piped into the Life Being, and through The Aftertell we commune with the Life Being, with others playing the role of the animals and insects and things. This can go all the way to the actual animals and insects and things, not just others playing the role.

The Life Being is that Other Sentience or higher entice that we keep ascribing to nature that science cannot properly identify. Not just fantasy poetic, the Life Being is speaking to you. It very likely could orchestrate at some level a collective thing.

Hint: even if is doesn’t exist on linear space earth it does exist ‘out there’ and ‘in there’, and is calling you.

Life Being is also a Major Combo of Old Simple, with Goddess(Vacuum)-Om(Void) and Absolute Brahman-Ptah and Ma as well as Shiva-Baby Ptah.

{Outside are others even larger and more manlike in sentience. This can endanger the Life Being}.

“for in the beginning They could pierce The Universe, and bring sentience closer, but afterwords this became a danger to The Universe and those now residing within it…”

Tree is like unto form pillar power, that went into a runaway effect.

Fungus is like unto invaded-usurped Life Being, gone partially predatory on small beings within

Little Bugs are like unto Motes

The Motes, like unto Little Bugs but cuter than kittens, and part of the cuteness of kittens and babies. The original babies not born of sex but made of Om, God Goddess, OB before The Universe existed… in The Old universe or Original Universe that The Modern Universe was Created in and of.

Sentience Is Calling You More Than Science..!

Word Codes. God, Bible, Titans.

Axon (AxiOm)


“this tale is also interwoven with Grey Aliens and Grey Alien sightings… real beings but experienced in your mind from some inner otherworldly soul plane realm.”

Coded to Xylophones as a feeling and awakening


please stay away and keep the dragons at bay.

this tale is also related to The White Illuminati and God’s Ancient Mission

Clean Void and Om Oor (original god) and White God in Clear Goddess Ocean and Gray God, and some are also Great Om with a little black ptah and op within


Just because methane is what makes the sky blue does not mean Shiva did not create the universe, which is also partly made of Shiva, who chose the color blue apparently after the universe, or it didn’t exist until this Universe, (and the Old Universe had made Red, or that is what Brahma chose as His color)

And looking up and feeling Shiva is far more important than methane, ya old farts!

Faith wins again…

“for even Ra was made of Me with SB and OP…”

{This following, like much of TRHD (and that is also much of the new stuff you never heard is as well, on earth), is off of someone(s) else’s work, and I do not remember who’s. It is fed to me without memory in epiphany as ‘first experience’ with an ancient attempt to steal, but as well it is being verified by Them at the same time, meaning there is a larger process already in motion that this fits like a glove into at the end, but was there all along, for it is Them of whose work you rediscovered or indeed are reincarnated from the era of. They fill it out a little. Much of the basic magic principles I already formulated the same way, off of my own awareness and charisma potentiality and study of magic and metaphysics and personal power understating… They always say it came from Me first and Me is very advanced, intelligent and usually ahead of the pack in some ways, but this other stuff(of you) was made out of Me and fed back to Me and isn’t fully Me anymore. And They, well, The Gods are real and jealous of Their secrets, and Me is where They are bringing all of Our Collective Works into one thing, using the best of the best and the rest of the rest}

“Even without knowing how the universe was made the powerful among the ancients could manifest a presence power inspired by the elements, heightened by the feeling and awareness of the elements, stretched out with the awareness into the elements, and using ego might to fill in some of the spot between the elements and the body and thus strengthening the ego-aura charisma.”

“They lived in a very basic world on the forefront of discovery and power, and built a collective around them with a unified view aimed(coned) at(to) them as the king or priest, thus enhancing their power by an other-worldly process of powering up the thing.”

“The thing was dedicated even larger up into the elements as ‘the gods’ not just aimed at a “human but out into the elements and nature and stretching up (and within) to other dimensions, and the powerful among the ancients(who are in actuality incarnations of the real gods, aka the biggest original infinite beings evolving down and as well occupying humans bodies of closer to equal sizes, with the other smaller newer groups incarnating in greater numbers, among whom are specialists who can do what the gods can do, here on earth with the thing’s power) would have known this in the afterlife and built their power specifically for incarnating as the gods among the people with and effect on sentient and extra-dimensional sight or phase vision, which may have been being seen by the collective or some of them.”

“due to the actual original nature of the what The Universe is made of (original a sentient Being but taken down to non-sentience), what was evolved(powers to be used over big and others), and the older world predating Major Lockdown (walk like an Egyptian, act like a Greek God, you are related to both) things like quelling volcanoes and summoning storms is not at all out of the possibility”

True Shaman Power.

The Person is The Conduit and The Manifestor and The Primus Presence Power.

Manhandle The Bull By The Horns, Ride The Horse With Authority, Tame The Dog, Quell The Volcano, Charm The Snake, Call Te Rainstorm From Weather Potentiality, Attract The Opposite Sex Empathicly.

Tighten Titan.

All sort of nasty rituals and concept crept in, which were also related to extra-dimensional wars and intentional derailing or debasing the value of the other; as well as the mistake of using the earth and it’s animals and weather disasters as guides in an era of thinking and solidifying things into ‘the absolute’.