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In the beginning we didn’t think bad about ourselves for being fat or not good looking, we didn’t know we were fat or not good looking. Our psychological identity was intact.

We did not understand the bad reaction from the pretty girls (or guys).

Much of humanity is not pretty/handsome.

Much of that same society is attracted to the pretty/handsome.

The pretty/handsome are attracted to each other, not the rest of the world.

Things got enslaved to both elite and unrealistic paradigms instead of just being fine with who we are.

By elevating the best as the goal the rest took a fall.

We are also part of a ‘future perfect paradigm’ that is encoded with destiny and the gods, but must be brought to a halt do to the fact it is doing damage to us, and decisions are being made at an extra-dimensional level to remove the ugly people as a ‘removal of bad parts to save the perfect parts’

“… and thus ‘Porn is The Answer’, ya gotta, ya gotta let it go.”

Many come from invaded or usurped common combo evolution, but yours should not have been given nor usurped the right to life and death decisions over others.

Crimes of The Tuatha De Dannen and The Gods against The Fat People (Absolute Brahman-OB and The Old Ones) and The Invaded Regions and against The Titans, both guilty and not, and against Me, the Original Being whose Nature is being Force Changed into Elite White Evil and the far worse bigger Black Evil.

There is also Black Good, and this is related to The Black Dragon and art of where Jesus and Messiah came from originally, and this is Senior, OP, an form of Brahma and Ptah that is Emperor and beyond (remains silent). God also works with OB Gray God also known as The Alpha and God’s Father, and who is also with Mother Goddess and Athena.

“God and The Good and The Weak and The Innocent were given Special Privileges with The Titans to ‘change everyone’s nature into good so that they might survive and reach safety forever’. Though this was in line with what Buddha and Vishnu were doing there became a forced All with The Church instead of recognizing kin with more advanced systems and diversity and necessity of self-integrity instead of a forced religious regime.

As well it came up against other older and stronger forces that needed more breadth of style and evolution than the spiritual alone, including war and sex and alcohol/drugs, as well as freedom and desire to practice different spiritual paths instead of just having one.”

Still it is important for some or many to maintain just the one thing, and they are the pinnacle pillars and the big base.

But in the end it is the duty of we who dance through it all but do not stay with just one thing to explain to the individual pillars/bases not to try to change the other pillars/bases.

This is more important than trying to combine it all into one religion.

The Archaic is of high value and extra-dimensionally supported and a big favorite with The Big Path.

Due to what actually happened not all the things that made it into religion are to be adhered to, and not all are the full size truth (they come from different Realms with Diverse Natures, with is also strongly related to The Archaic and Ancient Stabilizers that Resist Change due to the fact of loosing integrity of Original Self by evolving into something new or combinations of new that bring even more advanced change and loss of original diverse individual self.)