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take a look in the mirror collective of accusers

your media is doing that with your pundit circuit

real thinkers think things out on all sides

your people just push and push and push

gang up

old ‘crack pot Pete’ was one of the best minds in the world that you didn’t meet yet

{Your origination was part of an old theft ring, and it was aimed at Me. Belittle the person and ruin their credibility is what you are trying, and then thinking things are all equal.}

Weird Whyte Women… of the titan lines, steeped in phony and the sure footedness of invasive usurpers with hostages!!!

“jump to conclusions off of epiphany and then angry finger point as a group, going right past any explanations with a set pieces of socialized dictatorial intelligent accusation halfwit”

– an original victim of your original sin

“Utopia is going to win in the end, while working for you and yours is a crime, just like being forced to pay rent is a crime.”

You are illogical

You are illogical

You are illogical