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You have done hoards of damage to The Big Path and 2012/Prophecy.

They don’t care anymore about who did what first.

They want The Experience to Flow, and if that means I get false credit while being the actual work(and one of the Beings) awakening the people while people wake back up into their divine heritage/older experiences… that does not mean a thing to The Gods more than The Truth (which in the first place is NOT being Fully Disclosed!)

{They are trying to say that The Flow means more than The Truth and The Truth is jot being fully used nor able to be used; and a lot got stolen from Me, and as well this was originally suppose to be for Me {Brahma} and 2012, but Ya’ll weaseled in over the years to Unlock and get The Elder Secrets back; and Titanic Crimes ensued the whole way up to the modern day)

As you angrily demand that The Facts are established you no longer are detected as an old group of usurper tyrant criminals, who “had once tried to steal it all” and 2012 is where you tried it at again.

Crime Still In Progress

Orchestrated Large Portions Of Creation

Uses Invasive Usurper Tricks To ‘Become” The Other Or Process.

This Is What You Pushed, While ‘Fact Checking’ And Angry Demands Of The Truth, Installed Instead Of The Actual Truth


By the time we are having these cConversations and investigations and bringing justice Things Are Already Off Course, Misaimed and Facts Realigned.

Cases are mashed together into one, but they are different all along. A major hostage situation flows through here many times a day and trying to dictate terms

Which Is More Important: The Absolute Truth or People’s Lives

{those of you who thought the absolute truth was more important need to be shut down; ‘if it were a bunch of evildoers and murders it would be the truth is more important, so it can’t be one set truth’. But The Truth is that it is aimed wrong, and as you pushily philosophize it engages a crime against those not at fault, allowing for the same group or type of thing you are trying to get rid of to enact the same crime on the innocent instead of Getting Shut Down!!! YOU ARE HELPING PUSH THIS WITH YOUR BIG Endeavor Of Defining And Truth Finding, IGNORANT of what is going down because of your actions and misactions}