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Using one type of emotion to heal another type of emotion.

The Dross

The Subtle

There is a subtle dim bright light, like grey and white [Alpha], and stronger like glowing white and gold(Archangel), but what is being worked with or the process in motion is a sentience that is mundane and lit by divine and is slowly healing the mundane

there a feeling, and a being, and is angelic and arch-angelic. There is an actual form that is there, a gentle high energy form, soft, soft oceanic, two things going on at once and a third being worked on.

Going through one’s emotions and healing this. There is also and ‘enlightenment that is on the other side of this working on you with overcoming glow of high energy soft sentience distant but present, bring one into a state of slight rapture and slight enlightenment, but still normal, still you, not ascended to something higher but changed within as who you are, a better you, and with an afterglow of that touch of enlightenment and rapture.

The Happy and Light Emotion is a key, but as well is The Places that Need to be Healed.

You will not change until this changes. This changes you.

This is the dividends. You are healing stoogyness, the dork, the un-sureness and clumsiness and lumpiness and laziness even; and greasy slimy sleazy emotions and bad anger and violence from old invaded .

You are no longer giving off this vibe, and no longer behaving this way, naturally. Sometimes you need to help it along, to align yourself with it and have it kick in.

(This is another Big Point that is vital to Lock This In, “learn how to act the proper way, and be aware of others and considerate of being intrusive on” them. Learn to fade from having an effect or being detected by going within and fading into silence. Practice blending into the shadows, stealth.”)

A Shadow. A Fremen. A Woman.

This is perhaps Even More Important. Coming From A Place of Sincerity.

You are at bedrock of good self, unspoiled wood, away from the bad wood parts and this is a basic normal ans stability that needs to be recognized as more important than appearance or money or power.

The healing process is weaker and assisted by big stronger, but got jumped by strong bad war process, this is also an invasion and usurpation but as well as tumbling on through

Pandora’s Box: Extreme emotions and anger and violence should be avoided, this can backfire and bring it more on you, in effect possessing you, but it is a gateway with a whole other line of stuff going on and some titanic forces at play fighting and overcoming, including all that bad stuff that can come up and take over, and not caring or aware or considerate of the damage done to those around them.


There will be a lot of going back and doing things over again.

Some people are naturally in this state.

Some people need to put fuel in the tank and it lasts a while

Some people need to continually reorient

Some people are too out of sync with this


The Stoned Philosopher

Marijuana is among the single greatest tools allowing you to access and observe and participate in this emotional healing process.

It is important to just be
It is important to be within and going over stuff

These are two different states.

There is also being as outgoing power and being as aware receptor.

But a lot of subtle healing stuff can be done in the burned out phase, before falling asleep, in a meditative light gentle hum of emotion and relaxation and awareness.

This applies to this state in normal as well, the place we are when in of exhausted and near sleep but still here, it is more insight observable and utilizeable with marijuana though.

“We begin to read each other but are never fully aware of what is hidden and locked away of our own problems and the group is too prone to gang up to people, or to judge too quick or be too competitive or vengeful, with superstitious level surety.”

HerMit The Grog