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“Quit Trying To Emotionally Castrate Us”

Stemming from old wars and war methods. A lot of competitive quick-retort caddy behavior, and some venus fly trap stuff. Too much vacillating emotions, lack of realism of effects. As well too far ahead of the dumb males, but not getting that thing of them as dumb doesn’t help, and putting them down to elevate yourself is a temporary gain and a crutch, and nothing in the end to believe in.

“‘Closure? We don’t need no stinkin’ closure! We need avoidance”

One of the greatest defeats that Goddess ever suffered was from big dick, and needing to be complete owned, and after the twisted eras, being used and fully owned by authority with a big dick. {Vacuum Being Female Polarity being Filled in a heightened experiential way, Her needs being fulfilled as She is filled fully. Owned, and knowing those needs are fully filled, and She needs to go no where else to fill that void, er, uh, vacuum.}

This called a lot of everything that She was into question, everything She was and We needed Her to be.

This too is part of The Great Lament of Goddess Tales

And after Form Condensing Era and Collision it was Super Strong Usurper and Conqueror, and Her People had lost, but She was still somewhat safe in the bed of the enemy, which of course further twisted the tales and betrayuals over the ages

Many Beings and People now hate and no longer trust Goddess.

Is God among these?

You Betcha!

God and Goddess go way back and Their origins are from similar regions and states and timeline.

The Babelanders and Nice People and Good People are among those that lost, and Goddess was too hooked up in big dick and being wrong and owned fully to be trust worthy or useful to the endeavor in major regions.

{Goddess was also an intentional target and Her very nature got Changed, overloaded, remade. This causes her to act in a way tht is not trustworthy or likeable, but it took a long time for Us to figure this out and a lot of distrust remains as well as unresolved issues that need to beheaded. Goddess found out all of our faults and got stuck being too nitpicky about it, and was well learned to ignore things and just go on, allowing her that miracle woman thing that floors us and insures her place with us is secure. Searching for the ultimate male can be too isolating and just having a good time and opening up and being emotional is just too rewarding, perhaps normal as well, as opposed to the competitive or elite paradigm. Getting stuck with something is a whole different thing and does not need to happen either just for security. Cornucopia Utopia will bring a freedom that is missing, and ability to just leave when you wish, even with kids}