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Close enough, a step away, a step away is close enough when it is the actual truth in reality.

But it take Them to get that kind of effects, and They don’t like Me to have the thing,

“for neither titans nor gods like to get upstaged and lose their girl to a better guy, anymore than you do… I just happen to be that guy that they jumped and judged and don’t want to get upstaged by and lose their girl to, *ahem*”

Healing stooges and dorks with God at My own expense but with Your help while I am suppose to be with the hottest goddess I can find, enthralled to Me, with her sisters or daughters even, waiting impatiently for their turn, wantonly even… after all these years of Me being uglied up beaten up and dorked out by your divine mission to save them all. Well, I wouldn’t want harm to befall them or for them to be abandoned to a terrible fate, so I guess I’ll take the fall. You should have brought some good money and best booze and beautiful women this time, God, this celibacy poverty homespun robes stuff just ain’t Me enough.