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Well this is true, this works with not explaining things, not investigating things anymore, not finding out how it works anymore, no more fights or verbal fights.

These Things Are Enabling The Crime To Continue. The Process Is Compromised Or Adapted From A Crime That It Has Too Much Bad Going On When Used!

The Processes Being Used Are Too Compromised, Some Of Us Ar Too Jumped, Or Too Weak, Or Too Target From Being Too Pretty, Or Two Ugly, Or Macro Turf War, Etc.

Distracting It Back To Safety: “this just happens, is spontaneous, but part of a self-autonomous normal and freedom from enabling enslaved to the ancient process”

This is working with other things and Shutting The Astral Doors.

Normality Restored

“you’re really gonna love normal after all of this astral door stuff that always turns out so unpleasant ya can’t wait to get pandora’s box shut, but ya cant; but normal is like the real gift of the magi, and there is already a slight magical flow to normal up here in energy void space matter, but it is contained instead of contaminated”


Taking on the problems has caused major disaster, and things got locked into taking on the problems, it is part of The Trap. All the reasons why to come back to take on the problem lead to it re-engaging, and disaster ensues along the chain of actions, which can be longer or stronger than expected. A Hostage Situation Will Soon Ensue, Huge Swaths Are Locked Into Compromised Processes.