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Th Spiritual put it all onto one final gambit for survival, forgetting that God and Allah and Jesus and Muhammad and Buddha and Krishna and Shiva and Vishnu and Goddess and Ma and Absolute Brahman, Etc are not The actual Original Eternal Infinite Being, and are part of a Prop You Up Method that causes it all to come crashing down, and is up against strong wrong that won on the individualistic survival method. And Me has gotten My ass kicked for millions of years siding with You, but You in the end screw Me up, prevent Me from Self-Autonomy or Arch-Angelic Stardom, and Brahma is quite a force to be reckoned with and quite intelligent and pretty handsome and magical and understanding and loves females, loves beautiful females even more in their undies, and closer to normal and above normal than elite spiritual above normal, or snotty nosed crying little brat cute kids dying at My under assault feet because someone stupidly went for it again at The End

These are Two Truths, because The Truth is Diversity and Differing Circumstances.

There is an old Mission that The Father must complete to Save Everyone, or Most, or Any..

There is a Freedom that The Son must attain to Save Himself, and from a long ago combination evolution and interconnections/overlapping to Save Everyone, Most or Any.

Don’t let that boy get ahead of you.

When ‘That Boy’ was Me, Brahma who was known as ‘Ptah at the time from a Combo evolution still Me (B BP P) , there was a major conspiracy the whole time slow old control freak decisions I don’t like or trust Dad is running the show,

Brahma is a Big Force and NOT to be held onto.

And makes you look like an evil tyrant control-freak joke in the end, committing crimes with one hand and saving everyone with the other


Now it just so happens that The Mission is still very important and The Father viewpoint got totally wailed on and upstaged by Freedom, and when The People are looking for Full Functionality to Complete The Mission they naturally went to Freedom and all the things in the way of self-autonomy and full functionality got determined to be a crime in progress and to be fought against and rebelled against.. never knowing there are logical Lockdowns saving our asses, and rampant magic to be shut down, and that The Father Mission is saving The Women and Children, that The Son cannot save