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There is a Normal BoB that will do this, it may or may not be better than your own, but They are trying to shut this down and that means We Need Help in Shutting It Down.

A lot of the Shutting It Down uses something that has the wrong effect, goes too far the other direction.

Simply not using it or being aware that you are using it and stopping is the best approach for a lot of people.

There are also people who can lock it down that are not us, the doorkeeprs.

“I come from a Land Up Over, where women die and men rover; can’t you see that four leaf clover? you better run you better take cover, yeeah!”

Some of the lockdown are also doorkeeper, or most are, but it isn’t rogue like ours is, and we have been at war with them for ages and have many grievance with their side, but their side has been slowly overcoming, and this is part of the Christian Mission with The Titans, and in the end They are Safer Territory while We like our Freedom, but many methods set in motion by that side are still in the wrongful control or old usurper war state or outright zeal murder justice or gang-bang purity purge racist… so it takes time, and you better quit your war against Asia and Islam if you want to succeed, buster, this extra-dimensional stuff is a bit different that the modern world, and The Great White West can lose to that, even all the way to earth without a shot fired or bomb gong off! Those are Other Jailkepers like Yourself, Extra-Dimensionally.

“Policing the situation is a mess and an accidental crime and an ancient mt olympus level turf war in a lot of endeavors in these other realms and this arena and situation, so lay off it, huh?”

“if you try to police each other it could go very bad as the wrong type of being comes through with zeal, or outdated info, or even accurate info that needs to be handled in a non-vigilante and non-torch and non-pitchfork way.”

Well, walking around with torches and pitchforks as an awakening community may help further things the right way, but don’t go stabbing anyone with the pitchforks or lighting anything on fire with the torches… and the pitchfork and trident are very close, so careful with that staff, Eugene. Extra-Dimensionally Designated Object working with Functionality and Focus and Other Realm. They do try, They really do try.

Extra Dimension Alley

“they made part of that movie on this island, we were in Las Vegas and then Mexico at the time; there was this other movie named Magic that part of was made in a town I also lived in Ukiah, Ca, but that was creepy… stay away from the creepy stuff, ok? “so the bible says, and it still is news. ”


T=Down is a Typo
used as a memnomic for discovering new functional left as ammo on along range strategy (you’ve already found this ammo dump more than once.)

T=Down is Supreme Brahma, a Being that is not good as shutting it down.

A=Down is closer, but that as well is taxed out. [government pun not intended]

“now that’s what I’m talkin’ ’bout; but no more of that ’embargo lifted’ ok guys? it just ain’t saving the little people when a lockdown is in progress to finally the little save people from the continued compromised process and flow of magic and power to goddesses or other strategies that don’t work”

{including ‘praise of Me or elevating Me and worship of Me… it really backfires, and is getting rejection from Me, and run by Titans and Church but Invaded Puppeteer in places, and dedicated to ‘God All Powerful Allah” as a Booster, and Who knew who Brahma was a loooooong time ago and it will get raised on high and stuck low real quick every time, and I am not allowed to fight back, or fully, so We are kinda just creeping by and letting A Authority handle things, or D Destruction in certain cases. They are doing the Eastern Brahma with Shiva and Supreme Brahma and OP Black Brahma Gray Yang and OB Gray Brahma Bull of Heaven and Brahma BP Form Brahma{Me}, and God Chronous Brahma of course, so don’t blame Me {Be Prepared} when you are wrong about that}…”

“Your right to speak Here is getting gunned down and the Shut Down is saving lives and your right to speak when it is safe, the Shutdown looked like a tyrant tactic at first and got fought as such, but oops, it is a tyrant overcoming a tyrant, and the other tyrant is on our side, OB Gray God and The Old Ones”

Careful with that Sword, Kid, or Senior is gonna take it out of Your hands, or defeat You some other way.. don’t go trying tyrant tricks around Rogues or Ravana, it never is the Full Story, You Half-Good Super-Bright Power-Thieves and Cheaters and Collaborators and Collective Lie for A Larger Purpose and Future Date.”