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By Old Law We/Us are not allowed to go at it.

As a build it is very strong and fierce.

They are trying to disarm it, yet at the same time failing.

They are going against an Old Law at a Big Strong Being in doing so.

It was thought to be Us, but it is not Us, it is a divergent Evolution with Animals, a very ancient one. {It’s Senior, but not siding with Humans}

As Humans there is a major discrepancy going on for the animals don’t have any real rights in certain circumstances, though that has been rectified in most cases.

It has not been nearly rectified enough

Impacts to the animal’s environment are allowed to go on and they are allowed to die out so people can use the land to build on.

A fully active approach to restore their environment will be ignored for the long slow progresses of the afor mentioned sin.

Though this has as well been shut down, it has not been shut down. Money will eventually buy it’s way into destroying this.

“you coned a lot of Karma to yourselves as leaders, everything you are and were and did not do enough of with this very unpopular ‘environmental’ thing and ‘save the whales’ thing, as it were, will be brought to bear against you in an Afterlife Trial that God will be nothing but a cross-examined Witness in, with His People On Trial”

{This is not the idle threats of dementia, or a clever ploy to care you into doing right, it is Animal Armageddon and The End is Nigh!}