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You are, well first of all not always using facts, but instead group finger-pointing +preemptive action.

Some of the people I would have thought were the guilty party are actually turning out to be some of the few people who are doing really well for Armageddon. Republicans, old Titan Lines.

“not guilty, not guilty, not guilty, not guilty, not guilty, and this one’s nicer than Me!”

Attempts to go at this issue in The Machine bring back all sorts of bad effects at you, while much needed help is targeted and fired upon.

Maybe they did investigate well enough and it ran away as they did some snooping about but they got a bit scared and things are too dangerous and interwoven, but even if they didn’t this is not an issue that brings success in the very important End Environment.

There very well may have been a conspiracy, somewhere, but this old tried and true in Armageddon is a major disaster.

Things are hooked up to linear space scenarios with major gambits and old cards called in, and many people that We thought were guilt was us misjudging and coming out of regions in severe states or up against invaded people or old long range survival contingencies that accidentally were crimes against Us.

“ages ago things were coned to the stronger conservative (shut down) and the weaker liberal (progress), but in The End the weaker liberal progress could not maintain in the important extra-dimensional environment, and had developed too many bad ways, and forgotten that the stronger conservative shut down is where it needed to come back to, and even lose to in the end due to the overall whole. We have been pitted at war with each other for many ages.”