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Multiple scenarios being played out

Different times and turns

“it’s more of an ‘Old Brahma Database’ thing than a Prophecy thing”

“the cool stuff has to stay hidden for the most part, it is being targeted by evil forces, and this Magical, Spiritual, Goddess, as well is God and God’s Kin”

The role of the older and bigger Beings is more of a lesser role, and often times there is not as great of an effect but is a more durability and sometimes wisdom.

The role of the bigger Beings is a very important one that cannot get too close but must somehow save the day.

They need to save the special weak cute good innocent beings at the same time They needed to take on the strong stuff which can’t go on in the same environment but things collapsed or intruded into doing so. Brahma had got too defeated early and is/was trying to go back to being Brahma ‘Out There’ but cannot fully remove Self from place within Creation, so things evolved this way for Me. Ptah is another part of Me as well and suffered similar circumstances. Ptah of Egypt is actually only part Original Ptah and is Patah, who is also Ra. When Ptah had gone back to being Brahma, which Ptah neve fully could, Patah was Born, a state between. This is OP. YinYang. ‘Me’ is wiser than Me. ‘Me’ is better than Me, though don’t tell Me that or you will get a Brahma upheaval and then They will all jump Me again and shut Me down

Grand Central Frustration.

Nearly drives me mad as too powerful of things or wrongful things art piped in, or old bad methods of trying to usurp or destroy this with very strong stuff.

Brahma, being the original Being, is why this much stuff is piped in, from many regions, beings and Being, religions, and situations