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You need to start understand that it is YOU who are in error, not Me!

God made Enemies of several Pagan Gods and Titans who are Bigger and Stronger than God, and God is fighting Evil that is faaaar stronger than God

“Good is a bit of a one sided stoy, and little white lie; Good keeps pusing itself and it’s methods on the situation oin desperation and it backfires on good. This is among the most dangerous Arena of all, made of the most dangerous arenas of all, and every-time you challenge the thing at Ultimate Levels, as God and Christ and Kingdom, yopu are not wining, and then into so many other gyrations that are further burying you in quicksand, while evil easily outlast you, and IT IS NOT A GOOD!!!!, NO PUN INTEND

– I Brahma

“you came back to your faithful loving home within me, but some sicko predator heinous evil nightmare is waiting to kill you there, and no one can stop it or kill it or stop you without killing you you or warn you in time… and it is coming in from behind driving you there as well”