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Something that goes in forever is not really in existence.

There really is something that large, but the way reality works is it is not that large but next door and faaar away.

If you took ten steps toward it you would be ten steps closer.

There are other very large things/beings made of the same.

Limitless does not exist, infinite in all directions does not exist.

Eternal does exist but nearly didn’t due to change an other large beings made of original being doing things that forced change on macro levels, and stuff set in motion before it was known that finite did exist and forced it after it was known it did. The scientific version of eternal does exist, stuff will be around in some form or radiation for ever, but that ain’t good enough of a job for an eternal, it’s Armageddon!

Imperishable does not exist, it is a fantasy told my My Contemporaries to Their Children and Devotees in Hopes of Creating Such by Belief.

There is an afterlife and reincarnation and stuff, but this too is in danger from what is happening to stuff in Extra-Dimensional regions and effecting sentience.

There very well may be something assaulting down through these dimensions that could end up in linear space and be down right biblical in proportions to what we knew