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During Armageddon

“what will be done with Human Authority” is what is being Spoken

Those unpopular environmental and save the whales things that are not utilitarian economics or human survival are a very important issue.

You coned all that power over people to yourselves, power over the direction humanity takes, power over the way we live our lives, power over what gets done, power over how to use the tax dollar.

Your solution are worse than ones that don’t work, they are criminal planned obsolesce of animals species so you can use their land.

{You may not actually go to Hell on this, you may go to The Pit, different jurisdiction go figure, where Animal Justice is delivered upon you for millions of miserable years, you sick twisted worthless pieces of shut! WE WILL ALL TURN A BLIND EYE WHILE THIS HAPPENS TO YOU “Mr Authority” OUT PLAYING GOD OVER THE PLANET WITH ALL THAT POWER CONED TO YOUR PEOPLE AND THEIR ECONOMIC LANDOWNER METHOD AND SECRET DOCTRINES}

Stymie It Until They Die is not a Legal Solution, but it it the preferred choice of your people, and your people have entrenched themselves in power and rolled over everyone else with their working man and jobs creation and homeowners… and pta.

Hey, for the record, legally speaking, is the globe warming or not? Don’t ask the kids they did not witness the change, sleaze bags! The change is witnessed without scientific instruments but you sit their and blatantly lie, or claim it comes from some other source, but still fall short in what to do about it, which you opt for nothing, and nothing is indeed what you do and nothing is what your authority is worth, and being forced to obey you needs to be declared illegal! There is some wacko there doing nothing about the big problem, but still firmly in control, who refuses to do anything about it and refuses to relinquish control, and he needs to be arrested and removed from power. Global warming is a hot issue, so hot it could go passed the point of no return in the time you stymie it.

Since the day you stymied this you have been 100% illegally in government jobs and illegally running media big news

{Extra-Dimensionally is where a lot of that power over us is coned, but as well in linear space through government, and thissssss extra-dimensional stuff is why the rebellion never cometh}