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is that it activates an a assault on God, and as a defensive an assault is activated on you as a preemptive defense.

“many of God’s Enemies are entrenched as invaders and usurpers within Me but The They have a major Lockdown or I would be toast, but the issue extends as well due to size and scale and mistakes made in near impossible or actually impossible arenas”

Being Brahma with Them I oft have the upper hand in the ‘defensive assault’ and God is usually more scared of Me than Me of God though God has an army I would not withstand here on earth and I do not and am not allowed to have an army of My Own, and there isn’t any purpose in fighting God just because of being Brahma “The Original Eternal Being”, and that is Titanic Ego not My Own that is being heard out of Me, some of it isn’t even the bad guys but Two Titans, The Titanic Two, you know almost nothing about, both of Whom are far larger and secretly outrank God and Run The Strategy; and the collective anger and overload have been being expressed out through Me and Others, but as well I am used to go at God and this is far worse than a false prophet and direct. There were also other Titans who were Overloaded and Invaded and an Era of Macro Predator, they were ‘discourteous’ to God, dating back long long ago and know who He really was…

{some of them big mean guys are not suppose to lose, we were going at them in their invaded states, with us in panicked state with the weak and the innocent to protect and the big forces not solving the problem nor the chain of command showing demonstrable progress of reasonable time, so we dictated terms unrealistically, and went at too many beings}