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“but His tale was nice, so He told it to Me twice, but it didn’t match it’s own… well, nothing right rhymes there, let’s just say that Siva really does exist, and predates God, but God’s Tale pan’s out as to Origins and Shiva has many stories left to tell”

(He prwomised us this stuff would work, but it didn’t, and many died; he invented all these gradients and hook-ups but it did major damage to Our Realms and People, the wee peoples, the voom void, the om motes, the who whom horton hears)

ongoing complaints of the motes, the cutest of all beings and along with OmGodOm, the originala baby beings who did not come from procreation but from evolution of void into vacuum into form, ans assistance

{next up, complaints against Brahma, Sex, The Government, Helios, Black People, White People, Indian People’s Deity, Animals and anything else large and unhelpful}