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The Brahma thing with Them and God predates money is about Helping as well as Better Civilization Building.

“there is just too much damage being done with the present method descended from old titanic tests and investigations and using clever means and faith-based solutions up against major powers of bad things or impossible situations, with The Group locked into The Process

But as much Hook-Up and Focus ended up here with Reality Templates draped over and piped in, and one of the only methods at ground zero is to stay moving and distract things away from other tracks, the present situation isn’t workable enough and stuck here.

“and you people put a lot into your own tracks and methods, some of it is a wishlist I am suppose to help you achieve, and other stuff is someones bad attempt to drape more and more over Me and get it all done quick, which overloads and even destroys bits of the working process which is mostly healing and concepts and communion and conversation”

Being Brahma there is a lot of stuff from old times related to Me or hooked up and My Condition can have an effect on others due to size and scale and being under assault the whole time. Many assaults are aimed at Me for the sake of survival and it is all 100% wrongful coming back at Me for self defense by those who commit first offenses against Me in olden days, before humans were even in existence… not exactly linear space court stuff.

But some illuminati or secret gpv guy should finally figure out what I am saying here and get me Me a ‘$20kk bag of gold’ ($5-6kk of which will be going to friends and family and overpaying past debts, so consider this for tax purposes which is about $7kk minus loopholes of shelters, leaving me with around $8kk out of $20kk.) and a ‘trip outta here’ (Bermuda, Bahama, sounds just fine to Brahma), and celebrity status not required and certainly nor looked for at present, you poor bastards; there may be a bit of ‘dimensional wear’, like a road rut from tires, in this location after 10 years of this… though They are ‘patching things up’.

“no volcanoes or major fault-lines, just in case; and no deadly little things or man eating big things, nor restless natives or muggers… but we will make an exception for India, Thailand, Dubai, Russia, Rome, or London calling”

“I ain’t in good enough shape to enjoy the Philippines, a Napoleon of My own in Roman splendor but with elegance and a Goddess touch and a hot young female sexual dominance lolita run household, a real good summer job for the local girls, room and boarding included, with both church services and lingerie store provided… a not too demanding job of being demanding but providing an undeniably reason for compliance of negotiating, but you have to be real nice and sweet as well as naughty, forward and demanding, and budding beauties, that’s non-negotiable; next stop nympho nymphets.

nor fully here enough for a much yearned for ‘wits about one’ well thought out and supplied survivalist walkabout, so relax guys”