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to see if we can tone things down.

“ya know, God’s Mission and all”

“a lot of ‘save the world’ and ‘remove the government’ stuff is not aimed at the most important thing, save the cute little beings in these other dimensions in an eternal arena vs a temporary life cycle, and is descended from old power struggles and methods chosen. A little white lie is what could save the situation. The Little White Lie is part of an Avoidance Strategy as opposed to a Taking On The Problems At Max Strategy.”

Bridge Builders who are letting the planet die is part of the little white lie.

In a coned power solution they are the one trick pony who can succeed at this other dimensional stuff


“as more and more hits too much sticks, but at the same time there is an overcoming and lockdown and learning right course that is positive progress and ‘finally making it to shore on the horizon’, the light at the end of the tunnel for real”

Never accuse a Goddess in this Arena, no matter how much of a problem or a heartbreak or even a thief that women have been, there are all sorts of circumstances behind women’s oddness and conditions and as well men took control as the stronger force and stymied females and did not (or were not able to) listen enough to females, and went on running things having too much of a one sided view, with a ‘master’ and ‘owner’ mentality over all they survey other than the reinforced group of a majority of male populace and controllers.

“The Fight brings it on, and The Fight is not just Me nor even mostly Me nor fixable in one solution, it is basically much of the world and Creation and many causes both just and unjust. It has been locked this way for ages and ages, millions of years… and shutting it down is the only real justice left, but shutting it down also causes unknown effects, including long range strategies unknown to get the bad guys, as well as criminal control empires running strategies so it falls back into that and is rightfully fought against and wrongfully accused by old tyrant criminal power-bases who kept looping it back to themselves

(the Big Path is helping overcome with and we are kind of stuck at war with it as a lesser solution bring major damage as the true and rightful rulers with better solutions for the whole but too much judgement on high from the past without enough success, which is correlated and crescendo).

Beware the basic wisdom of quick judgement and quick solutions or all encompassing solutions and major shutdowns based on doctrines or philosophies, the actual situation is different

Peace is Safety, but it gets attacked!

“it will not end at present with all in peace… but it could”

Things need to stay distracted away as opposed to engaged on. The success becomes in avoiding the big loss at the end of the apparent major advantage and hope tunnel of good and the west. Showing up to engage leads down the road to horrendous disaster and loss of life and pain and other things.

Avoiding taking it on is Avoiding The Trap.

The Success is Avoiding The Trap. We are already stuck in The Trap, with ages of past losses on a lockdown hold so they don’t get worse, but as we show up to take on the problem we go over these old arenas and the loss continues further!

Taking on The Trap became The Problem for it Uses The Same Power as The Avoidance Solution and is used in it’s stead as well as robbing it of power, clout and people.