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and there is no sign of change, just the same old thing with the same old bosses and the same old scam of their rhetoric as the only ranking principle with everything else belittled and stymied; or pushed too far the other direction in a rare window of opportunity held onto by left-leaning tyrannical fists, yet the problems weren’t fully fixed, and the area is broken.

“one does not sit idly by as a society and fall prey to the tv debate as getting something done”

one ‘agitate, agitate, agitates’

But not with sticks and stones but instead with facts and plans for Utopia and a legal challenge to the landowner paradigm, real factual plans, very doable, very advanced. Not uprisings to take away people’s property or hard earned things, but maybe to right an old wrong, an old landowner way vs community way wronged, to legally force the economy to fund the buying of lands and technology items to build a self-sustaining Utopia.

And one does it now.

“jobs will always be used to rule over you with, to control you; without ‘job’ there is no going to the store to buy food with, or clothing, nor a house to live in; nor is there a place to live off the land the way we use to, nor avoid getting arrested for just walking out into nature and doing so if their was, due to the landowner paradigm that we live under”

Air, Water, Food.

A whole lot easier and more sane than what man has created.