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You need to fast-track citizenship for Afghan and Iraqi interpreters.

This needs to Bypass Normal Immigration.

This is a War Bargain and Must Be Honored. You do a very shifty rigamarole that ends up in a cold shoulder, a slip between the cracks, a bureaucratic juggernaut unable to handle basic situations, wasting tax dollars on legal wrangling. Money is better spend elsewhere, as in an actual solution.

Your credibility is on the line very much in this and it could effect your security more than accidentally letting in a terrorist as your reputation plunders in arenas you need allies and trust. (‘you forked tongue white men’.)

If you are worried about security just set up a place in Puerto Rico or Guam or Virgin Island for them and their families to live while the immigration procedures ensue. They may decide they like it better there in the end, anyways.

“Those people’s lives are in danger, they are our military allies, they put their lives in danger to help us.”

The Immigration must be Fast-Tracked it is ‘not the same as a usual immigration case’, which means simply send them to a happy little protectorate where it is cheaper to clothe them and feed them, and then you have your leeway. Don’t force them to get jobs right now, you already screwed up this far.

Using people up and then betraying them (from well-defended positions of ultimate power) as their reward when they get angry with you is not within the scope of what you will be getting away with anymore, you sociopathic control freak steeped in governance and the great white doctrine.

That is the part off The Old Doctrine you are getting busted at.

Your Betters