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these simple graphs will further illustrate:

‘free time = freedom’

‘forced work = slavery’

‘Jobs Economy is 2nd best to Utopian agricultural-engineering (not biology-engineering) and an extensive water purification process’

“you went for an abstract, a land-owner paradigm and money, with unfair advantages and dictating tax dollars as well as dictating the working paradigms lived under, but this led to a huge debt for it was not founded on basic enough principles and hard-working work ethic not only got exploited it is helping destroy the planet biosphere by not calling it quits, not being regulated and held financially accountable enough or more importantly legally shut down on the job and for good with cease and desist orders pertaining to environmental degradation”

‘don’t ya know that Cornucopia Utopia is The Answer?’

It’s the same thing as Garden of Eden for the Here and Now, just add ‘letting nature take over again’ and ‘taking us back into the past and simpler safer times’.