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This isn’t an ‘entitlement issue’, it it the scientifically factual legal issue of “I am entitled to water, food, and a place on the land to build a dwelling/tent/teepee/yurt on.”

So, Working Man Overcometh, you had best be ‘strong enough to carry me{Me} in my disability as you sit their as a society and naysay me but maintain a status quo control and don’t take this seriously or legally enough, because I designed a system based on basic science facts and not on the more abstract economy or politics or dollars and jobs, but is instead on an older style of life that most species on the planet are closer to living and we lived sustainably for ages as a Community prior to money and though politics initially helped orchestrate this it soon became a detriment to the people.

I like others before me easily designed a scientifically factual cornucopia utoipia modern science marvel robotic renewable energy self-sustaining rainfall capture water purification archaic armchair agrarian society, that can very easily carry me in my disability and coming old age without you needing to do so.