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It allows for the non-productive to be moved away from the productive,
the end of ghettos (turned into self-sustaining neighborhoods),
a fall back for the working man,
a place for the young/new worker to live while establishing a foundation,
a self-sustaining haven for the slackers and homeless,

an ‘insurance policy’ on national food production that insures the nation will never starve or be fought with food wars due to relying too much on other nations for this vital key log area.

free time for the spiritual to practice spirituality, and this could lead to Heaven on Earth with enough lights focused on that goal and the larger force beyond spirituality being in closer proximity or alignment due to the time this is happening in, 2012 ‘The Great Awakening’

“it’s the Garden of Eden for real, lifelong rest for the weary; one last easy step is to let nature take over again for the majority of what is left to right an old wrong to mother nature”

Hope and Hope Fulfilled.

“ever heard of ‘stop, drop, and roll’? well this is pretty close, but you need to as a group stop and talk, shut the whole thing down, and bring your canning jars as a further explanation to why the other side doesn’t know what they are talking about and therefore should not be left there in authority positions to stop the process up”

Compartmentalized Grow Room Weekly Cycled Crop Green House Environments

(bringing your Canning Jars is a symbol, in reality it is better to study it all first to avoid future defeats, for it takes green houses, and it takes freezers, and dehydration, and vacuum pack, as well as cycle of plant growth, which could possibly be done all year round with a crop in every week, go ask your botanist and pot grower about this type of cycled growing and what crops can be done this way, it is no doubt in use already by the big boys of agriculture (but any attempted patents on this must be struck down and all supporters weeded out of the government for it is one of the more debilitating to humans conspiracies of control through controlling the food and dictating the type of environment in which we live and survive in a nuclear family landowner paradigm and jobs society as opposed to community and Johnny Appleseed style of abundance)

The Light At the end of The Tunnel, That Only You/We As A Group Can Make Real, Right Here On Earth, As It Was Meant To Be, As A Community.