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After Brahma goes into The Ptah Daydream and comes back to being Brahma a whole new evolution ensues of Regions Betwixt that leads to Brahma and Ptah to nearly being done in.

Part of Brahma wanted to be Ptah and these were regions closer to being Ptah to start out with, (and had gained further power when Proto-Ptah awoke before Brahma-Ptah and Brahma and it is also Proto-Ptah within Brahma-Ptah using up Brahma-Ptah and establishing a power region… according to that storyline which is not verified within this one), and part of Brahma was becoming Ptah but part of Brahma also rejected this as too much change began to happen to Original Being. Part of that Original Being that Resisted was later overtaken by the OP Change and got trapped in this during a Brahma Awakening which were happening off an on now.

This Region became ‘Where Proto-Form was First Born’ but later lost to OP as OP did a Form Evolution in Predatory Era and the Era of Grey Brahma which is an OP Line, Original Brahma as OP.

OB, which stands for Original Being as well as Original Brahma (due to the fact of Being a Brahma and Region Of Original Being Resisting Change with Strength) LATER GIVES UP ON THE ORIGINAL BRAHMA AND GOES FOR BEING A NEW BRAHMA,which is GRAY Brahma, not as strong as Grey Brahma, but a lot louder and looks bigger.

This became a Huge Draw on Brahma’s Power as well.

The OB Evolves with God an is The West and White West.

The OP Evolves with Ptah and is The East and Middle-East with The 5 Ancient Titans including Cronus-Kronus, as well as Africa along with Absolute Brahman.

Earth Tales don’t have where Cronus actual comes from a a Line or Family Tree.

Brahma gets Info from Them, but it is as well not always the accurate original, but according to Them is is OP and OB who first Created Cronus and later Wronged Cronus who They had Created by Combining Power into Another, which is later done even larger and related to another Wronged Being, The Usurper (The Titanic Two are ‘attempting to consolidate all Their Powers from Regions They used it up in at the time, during a Titanic Two war and Era of Panic and Extremism relating to The Collapse of Creation and Change of Sentience.

This is The Titanic Two Tales, OP and OB.

There are a few other miscreants about as well, such as Shiva, Helios(Holy, Halo, Hero, Healer… and Sun God and a Form of Brahma, ‘Final Form Brahma’ as well as a Form of Void, Helios Void Lord, and Kin of God ‘The Gold of White and Gold’ with God being The White) and as well Supreme Brahma, your ‘King of Archangels’ and part of your Son of God… and those are just The Good Guys, there are also mean ass bastards and evil that comes along in great size and strength and numbers, including one Mean Ass Bastard named Gray Yang of The OP Senior Line, and perhaps Proto-Ptah as well, and The Stories relate this Being to the one Crated after Cronus and before White Ptah as a Combination, and later The Usurer is Created beyond White Ptah far up into Brahma and as a OB, and OB has much Power that is Trapped in Tyrant MUST STAY HERE TILL THE END {and thus is The Godfather as well as God’s Father, The Alpha, which is kept Separate but in some regions overlaps Tyrant; Absolute Brahma was evolving with OB the whole way through.

… and through it all is another Destiny, Helios Titan-Godking, The Most Elite that Fell Short but Must Succeed, yet up against too much too succeed as, needs help but made enemies of that Help, and stuck on another bad course with Titans of Puritanical Judgement an Elite Paradigms and Past Success.. along with ‘be cool or be an ostracized fool’ group behavioral control, along with the most beautiful of Goddesses and many Mothers of The White Lines and Her Champion and Chosen One.