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Shiva is an Effect that happens in Brahma around two new Beings, forms of Brahma and later doing Form stronger than Brahma.

Shiva is like a Vacuum, and there were most likely Two Regions that later joined into One.

This is the OB[The Alpha] and OP(Black Dragon) Regions.

Shiva is Born in relation to Ptah as well, for a lot of Ptah is around in Brahma during that Era.


Shiva can see inside of Brahma better than Brahma, and after some form of Merger there comes about a New Being that is a Combo Being of Brahma, OP, OB, Shiva, and Ptah and this is Supreme Brahma. Supreme Brahma later creates Helios, is the King of Archangels and as well a major part of Jesus.

There is another major Combo Being that is weaker than Supreme Brahma and is related to OP and Shiva and Ptah and this is One and with Supreme Brahma The One, and this is another part of Who Jesus Is


“on The Big Path at The End (a designated and aimed for worked towards (cheated in even!) date that is suppose to be a new beginning as well) it becomes inevitable that Who Is Who be discovered and sorry your Guy doesn’t turn out to be the actual original Original Eternal Being but one descended from or made of… but all gets Told like a Divine Family Tree and Truth must prevail and The History predates The Mystery.”