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Absolute Brahman is one of the oldest Beings in existence, stemming from the Era of Brahma in the Ptah Daydream.

Absolute Brahman is a part of Brahma that had slipped into a more Ptah-like state. {This is through Brahma-Ptah and into Proto-Ptah and Ptah, and Absolute Brahman seems like a combination of these and may very well be the earliest of these Combo Being but one that happened as more of a ‘self-created state along the way’ gathering this and that and maintaining bossiness, and a predecessor to Shiva within Brahma}

Absolute Brahman is larger and older than The Universe.
Ma is the Vacuum around Absolute Brahman Form and Absolute Brahman and Ma are related to many many Beings.

How many beings?

Think of the word Ma and the letters and AB.

Mahakala is an Aspect of Absolute Brahman with the stronger OB and more elite ‘younger’ Shiva along with a bit of OB+OP Senior Big Base.

AB may have been the predecessor to OB.

Neither of these Beings liked Brahma Awakening and set out to insure Their own survival, and this didn’t merely set Creation Reeling it is the other half of the Story of Creation… and where them damn Republicans got all that power from.