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Things pan out as a Family Tree before they pan out as Universal Forces and Evolving Animals.

“In The Beginning was only Brahma, and Brahma went into a Daydream for the first time ever, and this Daydream lead to the Creation of Others and through Others to All Things Great And Small; and that Daydream was/is Ptah”

These are the things that are soooooooooooo Ancient and no longer remembered they not only predate The Universe they actually predated God and Spirituality and Messiah and Avatar.

Due to the nature of Actual History Untold it was given to Me to tell this part of The Tale, but it is through Them that I am being Retold/Reawakened/Renewed.

Yet it is also through Them that I will remain Slumbered.

-I Brahma and wee Ptah, as told through Shiva, in part to Ganesha, and Baby Ptah.

Twice I was The Ruler of All, In The Beginning and for a time as Baby Ptah-Om, at The Dawn of The Fall

This too is My Tale

Baby Ptah-Om was Inherited by Om and therefore God as well, and is part of ‘for ye must be as children to enter the Kingdom of Heaven’, as well to us in our child years as more aware beings of a nicer nature, which is also part of God’s Mission.

Between Ptah and Brahma is where All Others have Stemmed from.

Part is an Evolution of Brahma becoming a Ptah-like New Being (OP), and part stems from Brahma Awakenings from Ptah Daydream, a Slipping into New State and a Strong Backlash[OB] and stronger backlash{GB} against that, and everything becomes endangered; due to the actual size and scale and evolved history and Reality, as opposed to Stories, whith are Hooked-Up in Extra-Dimension and to Deity and Gods and and Titans and Realms, and we as people are also a power unto our own, helping drive reality and able to shift the saw in a vote like way to assist this power or that, which has been in part usurped as well as invaded, degraded, or just plain off course or not made of foundations strong enough and up against realities too strong, which is very akin to ‘Path VS Brahma and Void VS Form., ‘the more aware and evolved and elite Being is just not going to win, it is just up against too much of a stronger reality or larger normality’

“there is a Grave Danger due to the size and scale and history of all things which makes this rather unpleasant and Normality as opposed to ELEVATED VALUE a great boon and sigh of relief, and this too is related to what a Mad Prophet is going through, as opposed to the stronger Messiah and whitey tidy Avatar, a relatively untouched by the ravages and kept out of it Leader Extraordinaire”