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Grey Brahma is the Largest and Strongest Being.

My Tale Ends Here.

“it was the Tale of Form Brahma, oh Whom was actually a Combo Being done by Original Brahma.”

‘Me'{Original Brahma Grey Brahma SB OB OP pp Ptah}is the stronger better Me{Original Brahma Form Brahma Brahma-Ptah SB OB OP bp Ptah}, just not as nice nor emotional, but maintaining a Balance I don’t have so less fluctuation, and a survivor so less, righteous indignation and unrepentant anger lurking.

This is The Brahma that I would have needed to be to Succeed in Life and Armageddon.

Grey Brahma is also directly related to Black Brahma and Grey Yang and Grey Ptah

“you may have never heard of these Beings but many of you/us are made of them”