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Did Atlantis exist in Linear Space?


“Atlantis is a very rich evolution in the Astral Plane that has gone on for well over 100,000 years, and evolved with The Gods, and has Roots in Alien Civilization, but these aliens are not the mean nasty type, they are closest to humans, and if there were such a thing as humans being genetically altered by aliens in the past these are the one’s who would have done so, and through incarnating also brought Proto-Atlantis, and as well helped create Grey Aliens.”

Did those aliens exist in Linear Space?


But they do exist, they really do exist.

Humans can actually talk to the astral plane ‘within’ or in the mind. They can see visions, and live a dual reality living with phase visions and phase sight, ‘an experience happening at the same time but in another Realm, yet our spirit is there, and incarnating here’.