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6 billion dollars is not that much money for an economy the size of America.

“look at it this way, you can stretch it out over 10 years, a mere $600 million a year is all you pay, and we’ll give it to you today for only $599,999,999.99/yr”

By many conservative people’s standards the wall is a ‘very intelligent use of tax dollars to build something with a very real impact on America’

{However, if I were to travel hundreds of miles to immigrate to the USA I would find a way over or under that wall instead of traveling hundreds of miles back… the ultimate solution is still in a larger solution that alleviates the need for emigrating but should also be entitled ‘covering your ass as a Christian, just in case, as well as it should be your joyful lawful duty as the winner and still champ… there are many people and causes who need champions out there, far too many for war to be the ultimate solution, yet it still needs to be the backbone big stick we walk softly with’}

So, for a few dollars more you put some inexpensive wind and solar power on the wall and a faint light tripwire. You have satellites attuned to the tripwire to zero in on the people and trace them to where they go, at the same time local authorities are also warned by the tripwire and know the location to go to.

Underground is a bit tougher but at the same time sound detection can be used to pick up the vibrations under the wall, but this is getting into a bit more than a few dollars more.

“Immigration is no longer a realistic solution. Closed. No Vacancy. Ignoring this is destroying the integrity of the culture we came from, that did indeed need to overcome racism, yet at the same time the immigration is weakening the integrity of the older society we came from and thus inflaming racism, and that aspect of this issue needs to be dealt with because it is a real one, not a racism one.”