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Many Americans, that is USA North Americans but no doubt Canadians as well… let me get back to the point.

Many Americans would like to stay in Mexico for a while. We like the change of climate and scenery not to mention the dollar exchange rate, and get off on it being a foreign country and don’t want to see Mexico get Americanized and lose it’s rustic charm and cultural integrity. We are running from that as well in a way, from the over modernization and loss of cultural integrity in the homogenized media techno generations. And we are interested in clean food and clean water and there may be monetary investment into this thus helping Mexico with our gringo stomachs and uptight standards about such things. We are also interested in safety, amigo.

You come up and live here for a while. We go down there and live for a while

You get green cards, we get gringo cards.

“a latino who can(once could) come and work and earn American dollars can convert it back to peso when he goes back home and eventually become a wealthy man, with accumulated skills as well as accumulated english language skill; and a gringo who can convert American dollars to peso can work part of the year and live/vacation in Mexico the other part of it… as long as the monetary exchange rates remain good these legal loopholes are lucrative, which it no longer is”



A green card means you are cheaper labor that is undercutting the competition but still closer to American standards as opposed to some weirdo deal to get dirt cheap labor. It needs to mean always you have the right to the dignity and respect of being treated as an American during your stay here, to have the ego and ownership of being an American while you are here, but logically not of course including vote, (yet some day it may help pave your way to citizenship through swap if Mexico goes well and peaceful enough to live in as an expat, though I would count that as a very small chance, other than a few noteworthy cases more, due to the past immigration that has already ensued… it’s our turn.).


And as well get a slightly better exchange rate as reward for bringing money into the Mexico Economy and as impetus. And they should be able to buy goods in America with American dollars while working here like every other American and bring them home duty free, thus affording some an affordable availability to the American buyers economy for some whose currency is not on a good exchange with the dollar.

“The Win-Win Solution needs to be seen as the most viable, the most stable, and most legal”

And a gringo card means you don’t gouge me or rob me, I live here. As long as that exchange rate remains good enough(and it may need to revert to older days levels just for the gringo card holders, getting a great exchange rate of dollar to peso as part of the deal or treaty, but a huge loophole needs to be closed up with monitoring and regulations to prevent the abuse of re-exchange, because just asking nicely never does seem to work in these scenarios), so in the end what is needed: it is an inexpensive and safe place to stay (or park the RV or prop a lean-to or tent up at) and inexpensive food  and clean drinking water that is needed, a place to slowly spend the money, and a job is not a vacation, though it should be an emergency option. The slowly spent money from long visiting gringos is an influx of money into Mexico, as well as latino people also now vacationing/living in Mexico, their homeland, when not working in the USA.

“limiting the amount of money that the gringo card can get a good exchange with to a realistically mid level livable in Mexico for 6 months at a time and limiting daily output amount, the gringo card could be a swipe card,  will help insure, beyond the laws, that this isn’t used in some re-exchange scheme”

Policies and perhaps Unions will have to be set up to assure that native born American workers have equal and guaranteed access to the American job market or the new ‘migrant American worker’ will run out of money to go to Mexico with.

“We like the change of climate and scenery not to mention the dollar exchange rate, and get off on it being a foreign country and don’t want to see Mexico get Americanized and lose it’s rugged charm and cultural integrity, while still living a basic decency of life. We are running from that ‘loss of rugged charm’ as well in a way.”

Pete’s Expats

“this is not a job swap with Mexico, it is a solution far better than a job swap.”

“the extra money of the gringo card exchange rate goes back into the country so this is a long slow trickle of American Money down into Mexico Economy through Local Stores and Businesses that are daily interacted with, a from the ground-up kind of gain game. “



Due to the fact this takes money out of the Mexico Government coffers to fund a higher exchange rate that funds the mexico people coffers it needs to be coupled with and seen as a Assistance Program for the Working Class Citizen of Mexico.

The Government of Mexico could also buy up or convert places for gringos to live inexpensively for extended times, and get the rent money directly from the card holders, insuring that portion goes directly back into the government. (America can also build, as part of the treaty,  very low rent housing for migrants so they can maximize their money while they are here). The government will provide a certain protection and assurance as well (we’re bringing safety to the forefront of what is at the top of the gringo’s wishlist). Beyond this the government can have affordable marijuana shops near the premises, getting another chunk of the money back. ‘be the dude down the street that sells good weed dirt cheap, and grow it yourselves…  need some indica seeds?’

So it comes down to “ju got veggy tah-ko?!” (and lardless)

and ‘See: Esta’

“if you don’t want to enslave yourselves don’t stick with the long hours work routine, just drive down and keep the cost of living low (low rents or even better no rents (so if you don’t have rents don’t get rents it is a stupid idea that screws things up), low utilities from sustainable  renewable energy and low energy usage electric products) with many hands making light work  and extra time, and bad hours making extra time and guaranteed sales in the allotted time if it is scheduled and adhered to consistently;  and you can free time to run around with the excited visiting gringos  or to just siesta. “

It is better to do this with countries further south than Mexico though, with better monetary exchange rates still, and lock it in before it changes.  “the colonials securing a vacation spot” could mean a lot of excuse for the USA to use it’s military that just so happens to be a worthy cause at this late stage, bringing safety at last to beleaguered regions,  and by coincidence is related to part of what is fueling immigration…  but this time the big corporate interests need to get shut down instead of co-sponsored by American government as part of the solution.



And if the colonials want to live in the land of others it had best not be as conquerors; and it just so happens we have something to bargain with for some of them just so happen to want to come up here and work, and it just so happens if things get safer it is better that they come back with wealth than stay as mid level or poor immigrants. And we have that to offer, in fact even vacancy opens up if enough of the colonials go on this type of a lifetime of extended vacations

outposts of expats shall be co-guardians of the Amazon rain-forest”


Mexico is our neighbor, the republic of bananas right next to us, on our border ya know, you just drive over there.



“I’ve been there 3 times, once each in the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, once, the first trip, we drove  to the outskirts of Mexico City,  twice for over a month, once for 3 months, twice down into  Baja California and around the cabo bottom tip, and once to Tijuana for a night of drinking and we came back to Southern California at the end of the night (it was the late 1980’s and we walked to Tijuana and back to San Diego; ‘at the beginning of the end of the era you could do that in’).”

“built off 20 years outdated information and rife with stereotypes (that weren’t as inaccurate as thought) as well as conversations with others, Spooks Speak builds a mesa of masa, a real corny heap”

  • – pinche gringo loco