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That one day there would be an American Indian President of The United States of America, and that he or she would bring sweeping changes that further and fully and faithfully protect and refurbish nature, and to the country that greatly benefit the indigenous people as well as like-minded other Americans who not only hunger for an older and simpler and purer way of living but as well recognize who’s lands we live on, and though we are not going to go anytime soon, things need to go the other direction for a change, a permanent change, to right a very old American wrong as well as get back to a better way of life.

“and that if he or she ever was ‘a propped up little shill of a man’ it was by some very intelligent illuminati of both republican and democrat caliber on a special humanitarian mission of conscience and atonement for past wrongs and a yearning  for glory in a legendary history of  revered change.”