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I’m not the same thing as a normal modern America legal standard, I’m an ‘Emperor Class Being,’ which means in Time and Space and in Ancient History I am one of ‘the oldest and the biggest of all Beings’ on some levels. You go on to say ‘yeah right buddy’ and end up looking to a spiritual paradigm as the definitive of what this would be, or as well as presto magic of the gods, but all along Brahma is Normal, the very same normal you are also relying on for ‘yeah right buddy’.

“Pre-History of RAmerica:between Brahma and Ptah is where Ra comes from, and Ptah is the Daydream of Brahma, but Ra actually is a state or made out of a state that predates Ptah, and The Thinking Man goes all the way back in History to The Dawn of Time”

Brahma predates all and everyone, and always was a sentience with slightly higher than human norm but had no evolved ‘things or language… or girls, either’.

Brahma is normal but at times like unto a big ego but doesn’t actually have a big ego, unless the Titans are around with part of a Form evolution and Thrones of Power. This is part of The Tales of Your Gods, as well as where this whole ‘Emperor’ thing came from, for though it has been around a long time, it don’t predate Brahma and ain’t fully normal… but don’t mess with Mine! Your normal ain’t the same as My Normal!

I would have tendrils of the US Military all the way down into these back yard countries (aka Central and South America or ‘the other half of the New World’) that have problems and fuel immigration. To at last bring safety and stability to these regions (without corporate or capitalistic doctrine strings attached that is both wrongful and defeats our strategic interests by logically alienating and then enraging those you are foisting your scheme on, a ‘scheme’ that entrenches, takes, enslaves, destroys for resources, and all under the guise of a new way, a way forced on the people)

A Voice that wasn’t listened to by Empire Controllers. Ramerica is still part of that Voice. The Native. The Old World. Ramerica never stopped being the native. Ramerica is not confined to being just the Native, it is still just half the tale and not a very safe place to get trapped.

“RAmerica is an Extra-Dimensional Platform, similar to Mount Olympus, and relative to Me, though not fully Me, and evolved all the way to the modern world from before humans even existed”

Ramerica aims to make it a safe place, a hands off place, and maybe a majority again letting nature vastly take over again yet still being a civilization melded with the space age solutions and tech and education and safety and ease and freedom and sustainability and free time. Ramerica never gave up on the dreams of the native, and never actually quit being ‘the resistance’ but ain’t gonna be a back-stabber either, nor a dead unyielding noble fool.

To leave with an integral friend and ally in the region, and remain only with their good graces instead of an expansionist eye, beyond the local NW UN outposts. And to demand higher standards of conduct from those that are allowed to be a military, including our own.

“The Emperor doesn’t ‘wears no clothes’, but He does encourage beautiful females to take steps in that direction, away from the prying catcalls of lesser men’s eyes if need be. And ‘The Empress Wears Almost No Clothes, but not cheesy or raunchy’. It was found, if she were beautiful enough, to be ‘uplifting to all mankind’. The Emperor wears long cut-offs or cargo shorts, converse all star high-tops, and a loose fitting t-shirt… when not in official or ceremonial regalia, of course”

By being the good guy instead of the strings attached shyster guy I have no doubt in our being viewed positively and welcome up to a certain extent to stay.

“RAmerica doesn’t leave some square ass entity propped up over you, it kicks their asses out of there too and goes native. RAmerica learned in the past that it is also necessary to go back home, lock them down, pat them on the head, and then come back and go native with only part of itself”

My military tendrils would blend in, eventually being people’d by natives of the country they are in and just loosely affiliated with the US Military, yet still part of the structure, in daily contact with, and beholden to standards of conduct and the lawful protection of the citizens of the countries they are in. “the future New World UN, beholden to the people not the governments”

Due to the fact that I am also “On A Mission From God” it would not be as Roman Conqueror and Future Provences, but instead to Preserve The Cultural Diversity and Self-Autonomy as well as Safety of Citizens, Animals and Nature.

Warrior Code