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This is Earth 2.

It is Astral Earth and Ethereal Earth and The After Universe.

The Earth through this ancient journey of reincarnating became important enough to be recreated, more than once. Though none are as intricate as the actual linear space earth though some are close and some are larger. They are not perfect replications just places like unto. There is even tale of a Giant Earth that The Titans made in The Titanic Realm or Older Universe.

Between The Older Universe and The Modern Universe is The Machine. It was a Region picking up part of the more advanced functionality of the more advanced Modern Universe and this They evolved into The Machine.

“The Tale is that earlier on in this Universe Shiva came close to it and partially within it. There was either a natural radiant of it out into Astral and Ethereal Earth or Shiva made these.

These Platforms are related to incarnating on Earth somehow. People on Earth can be born from different Realities, it makes no difference to the human body and linear space Universe.”