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If you have a main propulsion system that keeps the speed to the space vessel at a maximum velocity you can bring in big booster cycles to keep pumping it higher, big unsustainable bursts cycled in. Due to the inertia of the frictionless space environment you are relying on for this when not in gravitational grab zones the slowdown is not a problem, it is an engine shutdown not a vessel lowdown. The main engines will also go offline and Reorient on the Current Velocity.

Theoretically ‘Leapfrogging and Piggybacking a Velocity in Friction-less Space’

The Velocity continues to grow. Ever increasing. The problem is that The Speed of Light is so ghastly huge that the ever increasing velocity does not catch up to it enough to be usable.

This may be what they already do, it was just Fodder for The Gods.

‘Space Madness’

Old Einstein Era stuff is more basic and still quite popular in certain Sectors..